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Friday, December 11, 2009

Picnic to Essel World

(Date 4th December 2009) It was 7:30 in the morning, when I was fighting on bed with my dreams and real world. Back of my mind I was thinking to sleep more and dream a lot. But in reality, I was getting late. I have had to go for some special event. I was very much excited about that. So I just came out of my dream world and stepped in to bitter reality that I am awake. I took bath and got ready within short time. U all might be thinking that what am I talking about? I am talking about my office trip to Essel World. It is an Amusement Park.

Our AMEX team decided to go for outing and the location was Essell world. As usual I started late and reached first meeting point 15 minutes late. I have really some awesome experience to share with u all. Its all bout my perception. Hope you all will like reading.

My journey started when I just moved out of my home. I was bit skeptical inside. I was thinking that, people will only stay in their group. There will not be more interaction within all people due to their own groups. New people might be bit reserved. So I thought that there will not be any fun in picnic… this was my mindset when I just started out from my home. But as and when we met other team members we started sharing good thoughts.. and it was really nice.

Now let me just describe you our CAPN AMEX Mumbai team.. We have very big head count. We are 30 plus in Mumbai. In which we have many different modules running. Recently many people joined our team. The best part is all are very energetic, young and talented people across India. They all are from different places and states. Coming from different places is really a big challenge. Out of which most challenging task is to get settle down in whole new environment. I know it’s very difficult to settle in new place if we are not used to migration. I had the same feeling when i was out for 2 months.

Let me just tell u something… I wouldn’t have come to this thought if I have had not observed this feelings in many new comers. For initial few days, new comers were so shy to talk to anyone. But later they started involving their selves. And it was really a radical change in them. I have always appreciated such change. I think, to get involve with someone, helps to understand the feelings. Its more about finding good qualities in new people. It is also about identifying their true personality. So I just like this and same thing I have observed such things many times in many new comers.

According to me, the picnic was a great event to bring all team members much closer to others. If I look more closely then I consider this event as a Team Building activity. And it is very significant for the overall productivity. I can easily see many benefits from such events, which are given below.

  • It involves everyone in the processes.
  • It brings out strong and effective relationships.
  • It increases level of communications.
  • It also increases comfort zone.
  • It improves team strength and confidence.
  • It brings everyone closer and connected.
So this was really a great moment for me to go from inside-out. I really enjoyed the picnic in many different roles. I enjoyed being a good observer, a learner, a team member and etc. I would like to acknowledge the efforts taken by my PM Kirtida to arrange such a wonderful event. I would also like to thank Anoop and Aakar for their wonderful management due to which we could enjoy everything without any hassle or trouble. Apart from this I also acknowledge all people those who joined to make this event as big successful event.

Feel free to express your feelings via comments.

Shyam Gohil

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Power of being loved

Hi Friends,

I am back with new thought. This time my thought is not on personal development or personality improvement. It is also not dealing with time management or ethics. My new blog post revolves around one of the cool thing of the world. Let me just tell you about that cool thing. That cool thing is LOVE. On this planet, no one needs the definition of love. All people know what is love all about? So here, I am not going to describe what is love, what are different types of life, how do people fall in love etc.. Everyone knows it better.

Here, my blog post is very different. It’s different because of one awesome thought which I had come across few days back. My thought goes like this..

“Power of being loved”

We all know that love is very powerful. We all can feel the love. We all can realize the love.

In this life, many people love us. Our mom, dad, brother, sister and teacher almost all. Our friends also love us. But have you ever thought of the state of being loved? Have you ever realized the power of being loved? If you can think deeply, if you can talk to your heart, then you will come to know the reality of being loved. And you will discover the new path of your relationship. It will give you new vision to look at relationship. It all starts with the powerful thought of being loved. Just read below lines and think
  • Someone on this planet is there for you,
  • Someone who is waiting to see your smile,
  • Someone is waiting for your hugs,
  • Your presence brings smile on someone’s face,
  • Your memories helps someone to live life,though you are way you are very close to their hearts
Now close your eyes and think that, who is that person in your life, who loves you from bottom of his/her heart? All you will see is the GOD, your Mother, Father, family members and your best friends. What you see is the infinite love from them.

If you can realize this feeling, then you break the boundaries of your physical limits. Your ego boundaries collapses and you merge your identity with your loved one. You take the extra efforts for them. You take extra pain for them. You sacrifice all things for them, because you know that they love you. And then you express your real love to them. And this is the power of being loved.

Feeling of being loved is so great that you start loving your loved one from your heart. As I mentioned above that feeling of being loved gives new path to your relationship. Your relationship gets stronger and deeper because you have realized the real love.

About me:
I am being loved as a son, a brother, a student, a colleague and a best friend. I have realized deepest feelings of my GOD, Mother and dad for me. I have realized the feelings of my brother, sister and my best friends. Feelings of being loved always helps me in following way.

  • To help them in their problems,
  • To understand them more,
  • To share the happiness and to manage rough spots of life.
When I am nervous and if I think about them then it helps me to live life more energetically.

After experiencing the feelings of being loved, I started loving all of them from bottom of my heart. Now I have developed more love for them. You can say a real love. I feel great when I think about it because I am being loved. And that’s the reason for writing few lines for being loved.

Share your feelings and experiences of being loved as comments… I would love to see your response.

Shyam Gohil

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Leadership: One step Beyond

Hi all,

I have a very outstanding reason to write this blog post. From last couple of days, I have been constantly thinking about one simple sentence of Robin S. That one sentence was constantly flowing through my mind and my thoughts. My all actions, activities and tasks were actually aligned with that one simple sentence. And that one simple sentence has actually created new path of perfection for me. I couldn’t resist myself to think about it. And that ignited me to write something about it. You all might be wondering what I am talking about. And why I am so much excited about that one simple sentence.

So my friends, the Simple but Powerful sentence goes like this.

“Lead Without Title.”

Now just get relaxed, take deep breath and close your eyes. And just think about above sentence. Just give one minute to your mind to think about the most powerful sentence. And then read next paragraph.

This simple and most powerful sentence has capability to transform the thinking pattern, attitude, and approach towards the life of humans. It has the potential of providing all new paradigms in anyone’s life. It is capable enough to harness the inner potential of humans to lead them on right path of Personal and Professional Development.

This sentence says that every man on this planet is potentially a Leader. A Leader doesn’t want any title to lead the Team, Group, Society, Nation or World. All He (the leader) wants is, the deepest values and character in his life.

Lead without title is the sentence of Self leaders, those who do not need any title with their name. They are them self so much powerful to influence people. These Title less leaders have their deepest values, character ethics, discipline, dedication, attitude and many different things through which, they attract thousands of people to their path of Personal Development.

Lead without title is the magical sentence for those leaders who doesn’t have any positions. They are not the Project Leaders, not the Team Leaders, not the Society Leaders and not the Political Leaders. They are the simple Humans with the ability to inspire others. They are the simple person with very ordinary living lifestyle but the Extra ordinary values to inspire great living.

We have seen people, defining leadership as providing vision, giving Goal and target. But according to me, true meaning of Leadership is to harness the inner talent of people and inspire them to be a Leader. It’s more about harvesting the qualities and their passion for the work. And nurture them to become great.

Lead without title helps to become every single living human to be a leader without any position.

Lead without title is not about the Title but it’s about how you show up, and how you inspire people.

If you have following basic elements in your life then I can call you an Extraordinary Leader. Here I am not criticizing anyone, but below are the basic fundamental elements which we have forgotten in today’s world. We now a days work on Quick Fix solution to our life. Those are good but the effect is temporary. It can heal from outside but not from inside. So please spare some time to do introspection, speak to your mind, your heart and to your soul and seek the answer of following elements. And then you will have the self realization. The elements are as follow.
  • Character Ethics:
It is the Foundation of Success. It is the basic element of Living Effectively. One can only experience the true success and enduring happiness, if one has Character Ethics in Life. Otherwise all the victories and achievements in Personal, Professional, Social and Spiritual life has no meaning to it. Person without Character ethics, can’t run long. But the one, who has Character in life, has the real POWER of Transforming the life and Inspiring others to better life. Please read following Sentence from Abraham Lincoln

"Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing."

So please work on character and Lead others.

  • Discipline:
This is one more ingredient of leading people. When you are self disciplined and you have control on your senses. It automatically comes out of your actions and work which you do. Great leaders had utmost discipline in their life and that created resolution for young bloods. There are few nice quotes

"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power."
— Lao Tzu
"The first and best victory is to conquer self."
— Plato
Greek Philosopher

If you can master your own self, then it is the ultimate victory you give to yourself.

  • Determination
If you have the determination and passion, then the word Impossible becomes “I AM(M) POSSIBLE”. Your passion towards your dream can inspire people to walk with you. There is a nice quote for determination.

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination."
— Tommy Lasorda

So friends there are so many such qualities one should have in life, to lead the life without title. If you all can think the sentence Lead without Title again, then it will bring the spirit, passion and it will ignite the force to lead someone. If one single person (no matter how old is he/she, no matter of rich or poor is he/she, no matter what society/community does he/she belong) can get inspired from your thoughts then You are a True Leader for them. You are the Path Maker for them. In short you are a Leader without title… because YOU HAVE THE POWER TO INSPIRE SOMEONE.

Let me finish my post here with one very powerful quote.

“Leadership is action, not position.”
- Donald H. McGannon

Please readers, share your leadership qualities via comments. And please also tell me how you have taken the initiatives to Get Inspire and to Inspire someone. Your feedbacks are welcome. And once again Lead the world without title.

Be a Leader!!!
Shyam Gohil

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Busiest Executive

Hi all,

It’s been more than a month; I didn’t post a single blog since my friendship day blog. Well let me just describe you what I was doing during that period. I was busy handling my Cognos projects. I have had to do lots of design and code change activities. After that I was also involved in code testing. So somehow I was very much busy with that task. During that small excursion Cognos project, I came across many good thoughts. I didn’t want to lose any of my beautiful thoughts, so I started writing them in to my diary. All of these thoughts were really not creating any strong impact on my mindset. So I just thought of giving some rest to my mind. And after few days guess what happened? I came across superb thought and that’s why I have a very special reason to write this blog. This Sunday evening, I went to temple and there I came across one wonderful sentence. That sentence really encouraged me a lot. I can say it actually changed my way of thinking. Let me just write that for u all. The statement goes like this.

“If you want to get your work Done,
then give that work to a Busiest Executive.”

When I heard this sentence, it just created electrifying effect in my body. It was as if I got new way to tackle all obstacles in path of my life. It was more like getting the perfect and exact direction to successful journey.

Now let me just elaborate on above sentence.

In order to understand the sentence well, let me compare a busiest executive with non-busy executive. For comparison, I have come up with following points.

  • Goal of the day:
In simple words if I have to describe “Goal of the day”, then ask one question to our self. “Which task I have to complete by today” and the answer will give you the Goal of the day. I have seen this factor in all Great Personalities. They all sit down on their bed before sleeping. They think and they write down all tomorrow’s task in their diary. And that’s how they set up their goal for tomorrow. Same is the case with busy executive. They also note down their tomorrow’s task one day before. And that’s why they get the clarity of their work and they develop a new vision for their tomorrow.

When it comes to a non-busy executive, then they have lots of t
ime, so they develop a mindset that, ‘I have lots of time, so rather than doing it today I will do it tomorrow.’ And we all know that such habit leaves deficiency in path of success.
  • Priority setting:
Once the goals are defined, once the vision is clear and once we know that, what is to be done? Then next point is to set the priority of the tasks. Priority setting plays vital role in everyone’s development. After completing first point (Goal of the Day) let’s say, you come across 13 different tasks for tomorrow. Then your next step is to setup the priority in it. Let’s say, Task of Meeting with client is of more priority than the task of paying credit card bill. Here there is only one universal formula being used and that is ‘First thing First’. So a busy executive does his proper priority setting of his tasks. And a non-busy executive doesn’t even think about the priority, because he thinks that I have lots of time, I can do it anytime, no need to worry. And that’s how he lacks behind.
  • Time management:
This factor is very much important in everyone’s life. Once the goal of tomorrow is fixed and priorities are set, then a busy Executive will do proper time management of his day so that he will try to complete his entire tasks. He will work according to his time. He will start and end his day by TIME. He maintains an alignment of his tasks with time. And that’s why he can manage everything. When it comes to a non-busy executive, due to less work, he has lots of time. And due to which he doesn’t do any time management of his day. All his work and task becomes adhoc and unorganized. He keeps on doing the things randomly or in unorganized way. And most of the time it brings low quality work.
  • Proper Planning:
All great personalities spend lots of their time for proper planning of tasks. In the same way, a busy executive also spends his quality amount of time in proper planning of his tasks. He notes down which of the tasks can be done in parallel, which will result in time and efforts save. Here I am remembering one good phrase. “Winners don’t so different things, but they do the things differently” and that’s why, all busy people work well and with proper planning achieves more.
  • Follow up of tasks:
This is the last step which a busy executive always does after every 2 or 3 hours. After every 2 -3 hours, a busy executive keeps on checking his pendi
ng task. this gives him idea of where is he with time. It also tells him how much work he has completed. In other words I can say ‘it gives the clarity of his work with respect to time.’ So that’s how he maintains his work schedule on time.

So from above points, I can say that busiest executive can complete assigned tasks provided he has all above mentioned factors.

Here I need to clarify two points that to be successful in your life you don’t need to be very busy, but all you need to do is to bring above mentioned good qua
lities in life. Example of busiest executive is taken because, it’s very much idol for this blog. And during my thought process I found this character to be challenging and that’s why I bought this character in my blog.
Second point is that, I am not trying to say that Busy executives are worth respected and rest others are not. Everyone in the organization, in the society and in the family has their role defined and everyone has their own values and status. In short, we all are social animals. So bring such good qualities in you, make your life glorious and live it well.

I hope that this blog will give you new direction to live life. This will also help to know yourself from different dimension to the path of personal development.

Feel free to comment this blog and join my blog.

With Smile :)
Shyam Gohil.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My unique way of celebrating Friendship Day


As we all know that friendship day is celebrated across the world on first Sunday of the August Month. And we also know the reason of celebrating Friendship Day. So I am not gonna go in deep to above points. But what I am interested in is the way of Celebration of Friendship Day.

In India on 2nd August 2009, what I saw was the craze of Friendship Belt. Start from young kids to old age in their sixties, they had their Friendship belt on their wrist. All I could see was high spirit feeling and joy on everyone’s face. The atmosphere at every college, small party hubs, Malls and almost at everyplace it was so much good and energetic. Let me just describe you one place. I went to one of the Mall in Mumbai and there the Ambience was Vibrant with different colors of Friendship Message Boards, Greetings, Gifts and Wrist Bands. Mall was also humming with Friendship songs. It was like, the Mall was also alive and it was in the mood of celebrating Friendship Day.. Ha Ha Ha LOL… But yes, it was really nice and pleasant. Many young and teen souls were celebrating their day with party, good foods and beverages. Hmmm, you know I liked that part a lot. Anyways, it was all about the people and their ways of celebration in Mumbai. I am sure that, this must be same in other continents of the world like in Europe, US etc..

Let me just tell you how did I celebrate my day. It was Sunday, and I had to take lectures in Management College. So I woke up early in the morning. I was in hurry to reach there on time. Guys I should not tell this to you all but you know, I didn’t even think about the Friendship Day at all. In fact that thought didn’t come in my mind. Because, I was really focused on my way to College. I reached on time, and then I realized of Friendship Day. After the lecture got over, all my students greeted me with Friendship wishes. And I replied in the same way. It was good feeling. It was as if apart from considering me as a Teacher, they also considered me as their Friend. And meanwhile, my cell phone was vibrating quite a lot time with Friendship massages. After the lecture got over, I could see around 20 text messages from my friends. I was delighted and smiling by reading those messages. I was on my way to home and during that time I tried replying everyone. Meanwhile I reached home and had my lunch. So as such the day was plain for me, no big surprises and no big bash.

Then I just thought of writing good qualities of my friends. And I started opening my diary and took pen to write about the good qualities which I had seen in them. I wrote for few of my selected friends. Actually the list was very big. So I thought of writing about selected few. During writing I really had to think a lot about them, I mean as a friend you know many things about them. You can talk about them. But when I started writing, I really had difficulty to bring their good qualities in my Diary. At first, I thought that “I m pissed up. I can’t write about them.” But as I moved ahead, I started taking deep dive in my friend’s life. I could see their life and their various moments. And slowly my mind started collecting some good qualities out of it. So initially the task which was looking tough for me, now it became so much simpler. And I could really get good things out from their life.

As I was going deep, my thoughts started becoming closer with them. It was as if, I was creating a bond with them from my side. This activity really helped me to understand them from bottom of my heart. Or in other words I can say “I could reveal their true good qualities.” Just to give you glimpse of few of my friends just read below. I think you all will like to interact with them.

1) Manish Tiwari: My Colony friend since childhood

a. He is very Professional in his work.

b. Very much work specific.

c. He understands everyone well. He listens to all. And helps them in their problem

2) Siddharth Panjwani: My Colleague in Syntel

a. He is not a tech nerd but his thoughts are so good. Especially his thought of not throwing garbage anywhere except in trash or dustbin

b. He is light hearted. Very good in talks

c. Whatever he wants to do, he will make sure that he is fully committed to his work.

3) Abhishek Mandlik: My Colleague in Syntel

a. He is a man with patience.

b. Very much dedicated to work

c. Best part: performs well under pressure.

4) Hardik Shah: My Colleague in Syntel

a. Good technical skills. A Tech Nerd

b. Very much spontaneous in giving answers helps someone to convince

Well these are my few selected friends and their some good qualities. So this is how I celebrated my Friendship Day. Well, in my blog, you all will not find any Greeting messages or Friendship bands to my friends. It might look like very plain day for you all. But guys I know, how much special that day was for me. I enjoyed it. Well readers, for me all days are friendship day as long as you become loyal to your friend, listen them and understand them.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Friendship Day celebration. I also want you all to share your Friendship Day celebration via comments. And lets make this blog interactive and special for all friends.

Warm Regards,

Shyam Gohil.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Statcounter: Wonderful stats


Hi all, I am back with my technical blog. I can say after writing a lot about my personal experience I got really a cool topic to write. This topic is useful for all groups of people.

- A Business Analyst can make out what is the trend of users on website.
- A Mathematician can make out the regression and correlations formula on the statistics.
- A general user will come to know how to understand graphs and their data.
- A Person like you and me can make out how our blog being read by different sets of users. (Very smart LOL)

In short, I can say this blog has so much valuable info in it. Now it all depends on people to either exploit the info or to use the info in better way.

So here I go. Few months back I started blogging. I was doing good. But I was not knowing how many people were reading or going through my blog. I was also not sure with the hits and page impression of my blog. So for me, it was really a dull feeling. I was skeptical. I also wanted to know, how many hits in a day my blog gets. But I couldn’t find anything. I also tried but that website also couldn’t give any statistics. Then I was just surfing and googling for more help.

At last I got the way. I got website, which gives the web statistic information for any website. Whether it’s a blog or website or anything weblink. So I just created my login for my blog and then they gave me the code to fix on my blog. I opened my and added that code in my blog layout. Guys its very simple. all you need to do is just add new HTML item on your blog layout. Thats it, and you are done !!!! I liked that stuff from

U can see in following Screenshot, which will give some better idea..

1) it gives u the day, week, months and year wise details of how many hits were made on your site. Refer screenshot

(Well you all will be happy to see my stats of my blog.) LOL

2) popular pages: it gives the idea of which pages were more interesting and attracted 100s of people.
3) Came from: it gives u the idea of which website referred more for your website. It means if more followers are logging to ur blog via google then will be in the top list of came from.

4) Country State City ISp: this feature will give u idea of which country is accessing your web blog. This is important, because you can make out that is all world reading your blog? Isn’t this amazing feature.

Basically there are lots of good stuffs which u can make out with this StatCounter.
This is just the summery or I can say just few good things about StatCounter.

for more infor visit:

Note: its free... go get it for your blog.

Tech Nerd

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Morning with a Smile :)

It was 8:45 morning today.
I was getting ready to leave the home for office. And I left my home with High Spirit and smiling face. Well today I had a thought in mind to do something extra ordinary. I don’t know why that feeling came in my mind. But I was really enjoying that feeling. It was just like a GOOD LUCK for me to my work.

Meanwhile I reached my Bus stop. As usual it was really crowded. I could see many people standing and waiting for Bus. And you know, I was one of them. Well after few minutes, all crowd just disappeared because they all caught their respective Buses. I was still waiting for my Bus to Company. But I was in altogether a different feeling. I was enjoying Rain, cool wind and the wonderful climate. I was in my different mood. It was as if, I was going for some Long Tour or Vacations to Europe. I was gleeful. And feeling was such a good that, I couldn’t imagine it. It was fabulous and exciting.

After around 10 Minutes, I got a private Cab for Office. I went in side car and I got to hear some good songs. Well I could say it was a GOOD sign again. I could listen to my Favorite tracks. I was enjoying full. I was literally happy from my Heart. I wasn’t even thinking that I am going to office.

Well after around 20 minutes, I reached my Office campus. (Let me just tell you one good thing. From my home, It takes only 10 to 15 minutes for me to reach office by Car.) I stay very close. But sometimes Traffic plays negative role and creates jam on the road.

So I reached office… and at the same time weather was pleasing me. I couldn’t imagine, the sky was Gray, clouds were shining. It was as if sun was hidden behind the clouds. And cold wind was touching me and inspiring me to move ahead in my life.

Continue in next part…


Friday, July 31, 2009

Night walk at 10:45 pm.

Night walk at 10:45 pm.

Well guys,
this blog is something different. Here I am trying to say something which helps me to drive ahead. Here I am trying to show the things which I do to make myself on the track. This is more about thought processing.

Let me start. Just to tell u about my schedule, I usually come from office to home between 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Then I just rush for heavy food. Then I spare my time for reading books, helping mom and dad in their work. Or sometime roaming with friends or writing blogs or chatting or orkuting or checking emails. So this is my general schedule. Well, after that I again go for dinner at 10:30 pm.

After that, I just move out for a walk to street near by my home. That street is really good. Few months back only, local cooperator changed its road and now it’s good. Its wide and full of space. But by evening is it really crowded. I don’t even like to pass from that street at that peak time. But sometimes, I have to. So, after dinner, I just start walking on that street. By 10:45 PM on that street, I see fewer crowds. And that pleases me. People are so less, that I can count them with my finger; I actually like that. People come with their small kids and spare some time at local Mewad Ice-cream -wala. Some people spare time with friends on local pan-wala. Few also come to take night walk. And in that environment, I just keep myself moving.

For me, the street environment becomes friendly. There are many reasons behind that. Ok let me tell u that. First: there are really less people on the street and I like that. Second: I find peace on the street during that time. Third: cold wind flows through my body. And that’s wonderful. This is the best part I can say. I think, for this reason only, I go for night walk. Forth: I just try to streamline my mind with respect to my task, work assignment and few other things. I always spend quality of time, analyzing the situation, my problems and almost everything. I try to bring best possible solution out of it. During all these activities I really walk fast. I mean, my speed increases as soon as I go into deep thinking. I spend around 20 minutes of my schedule for a walk.

But guys let me tell something, it just boosts my way of work. It gives me different dimension. It helps me to come up with great ideas. So that’s how, I shape my tasks in better way and I craft them for perfect execution. And it gives me really wonderful feeling. I feel myself as an ORGANIZED CHAP. I mean for me things go and come in really calculated way. It’s the matter of bringing things on time. I just love this feeling. I like being organized. I think being organized for me is really a very big topic of discussion. I will soon write a blog for that.

So, this all about my night walk after dinner. Hope u will like this…


Saturday, July 4, 2009

My AMEX roles and responsibilities


Well, its been around 1 month since I joined AMEX Team. Let me be more specific, by today I completed my one month in AMEX Team. I got the AMEX assignment on 4th june. And I was glad to strike that opportunity. I was happy, becoz after around four months since I left ALLSTATE, I got the project on Cognos. So it was really good opportunity to shine myself.

My interview was taken by my colleague. And then next day I had interview with my onsite team. They asked many questions to me and somehow I answered them well. So I have had a feeling that "I AM IN". So after few days back I got the conformation on 4th june and I joined AMEX.

Since my joining in new assignment, it was really a roller coaster experience. I had seen my mindset fluctuating like sign wave on oscilloscope. I could not think anything at those moment. I was just try to keep my pace to cope up with my colleague. She helped me a lot to understand the system of FNRT. It was her support wich made me stable on my track. Then after few days, I managed to handle stuffs by my own, with some good leadership and decision making skills. I also tried to streamlined the processes. I thought being an Cognos guy my main intension have to be to make everything proper from Cognos part. So as I started to emphasizing more on that.

During the sessions, I use to observe much weird and pathetic stuff. Ok forget about that, I am not going to tell those things in this blog but yes, I will surely write new blog for that. Let me just tell u my roles and responsibilities at AMEX.

1) My first job is to maintain the integrity with Mainframe Guys

2) My second task involves giving architectural solutions to team for implementing any projects with respect to cognos.

3) My third task include streamlining the Cognos and mainframe workflow.

4) I also have to provide sizing of the projects.

5) I also need to tell them about the implementation time, engagements, some worst case scenarios.

Anyways, at this moment I can only think of these 5 points. But I am sure that my task is more than that. I may need to sit down and start deep thinking on the same. Then I think I will come up with some good and interesting points.

Well, I will surly update on the same very soon. Let me update u guys on my current milestones. I am working on STAT CEO process. Hopefully it will start on next week. Till that time good bye on AMEX.



Amazing Phoenix Mall


Hey guys, its Saturday evening after coming from Phoenix Mall its mix feeling in my mind. Now don’t ask me why. Anyways, let me tell u. I left my home at 2:30 pm. It was raining. It was really an awesome climate. My dad said “dude, its raining heavily outside. Why don’t u skip ur plan?” I answered “dad, it is really nice climate. And I will enjoy the same. Don’t worry about the weather.” And I moved out fo my home.

We reached Phoenix Mall by 3:15. We went to pantaloons to check new Clima Cool T-shirt collections. Let me tell u one thing, I prefer clima cool t-shirts and jersey than cotton or other fabric t-shirts. Look was it great. It has good mechanism which will keep your body dry. So I am so much obsessed with it. Well, I didn’t find good collections there. But anyways I found good shoes. But those were really costly. I skipped my mind from that (Lol). Then we went to lifestyle. Its in the Mall itself. After doing window shopping we just came to Open Ground Phoenix Mall. There I saw promotion of NBA Live 2009 EA Sports game. It was great. Many girls and guys were trying to slam Dunk the ball in the net. So I also thought to try my hand on it. It was raining heavily but still I went of shelters and went to open ground and took the ball from someone and started throwing ball in the net.

At first it was geart experience. I thought that, I will be able to manage the ball. But ball was so much big, that I had to use my two hands to throw the ball. Then I started my first shot, it did hit the net but couldn’t make it. I tried second, third and so on. In all the attempts I could only put the ball in the net twice. Not more than that. My success ratio was somewhere around 15 to 20 percent. Well, but there many young kids they were really playing good. It was good to see them.

After that, we just moved to someother part of mall. We went to croma and there I started playing games on Ipod Touch. It was really nice experience for me. I had heard from my friend that in order to take turn u have to turn your ipod to respective directions. So I was really excited to do it practically. I started playing street race game. And I chose fastest car. Then I begin to ride. And guys, u will not believe, I moved my ipod touch slight to down to left and my car took left turn. And that was great. I could not resist myself for playing more. So overall it was amazing.

Well, I forgot to mention my mix feeling. After roaming lot, my legs were paining a lot. And train travelling was again a problem. So it was mix feeling for me. And the best part was , raining was continuously flowing its drops on us. And it was amazing. Don’t have words to describe that.

So soon, I will come up with some more good topics for my blog.

Hope u liked it



Friday, July 3, 2009

I Enjoy Rain


Well, its Saturday morning. And my inspiron is inspiring me to write something.

Right now I have half glass of sprite.. and I am enjoying the sweet taste instead of morning GARAM MASALA CHAI. Last week, I had come across many topics to write. I just come across many good topics when I work at office, travel by bus, walk on street, talk to colleague, explain something to students, talk to friends, discuss with mom, look at big billboards, enjoy rain, etc… for me its like, everything is inspiring. I get the inspiration from all the objects which pleases me or which I love. Well that’s the best part in me.

Anyways, my topic for Saturday morning is Rain. Its been a long time, I haven’t been to JUHU CHOPATI to enjoy the drops of rain. Few years back when I was doing my graduation, I used to go to juhu chopati with friends to enjoy the beautiful weather. I like weather with sun hidden in clouds and whole gray sky with no lights but still, every particle of nature glows and shines with the gray sky. I also inquired that, many people do not like such kind of weather, the reason is it gives more drowsiness and you become lazier. But for me this case is altogether different. For me this climate is really beautiful. I enjoy every moment with nature. I enjoy the wind glazing through my body. I feel the joy in the wind with new thoughts. I feel energetic.

Currently its raining outside my house. Before writing this, I already enjoyed the rain when I went to street s to get milk and morning breakfast. I was with my king size umbrella and with my shorts, and floaters. It was awesome. Rain was so much heavy, that even with my king size umbrella, could not save me to get wet. Well, it was fun.

During this rainy season, I want to go to bandstand or Nariman Point location to enjoy the heavy rain with strong winds. I have seen the videos and photos of people enjoying such moments. So I am just planning to go to enjoy such exotic weather.

For me rainy season is more about introspecting season. In this season, people like to stay at home, and they resist their self to do any work. People like to be ideal without any work. But in this season, we get lots of time to think about you. Its more about following questions

What you want to be? Do? Know?

How you want to be? Do? Know?

If u can think on such topics about you, then I can say you are enjoying the rainy season, even if u don’t like it. I believe it give more deeper understanding when u try to streamline your own brain and mind. Its more about your own or personal victory. It more about you. I always like personal victory than public victory. Personal victory is the basic foundation of the life. A men cannot reach beyond in his public life if his values, ethics, morals are not deep. Its like we see a fat man but he doesn’t have the strength to life 10KG weight. Externally it may look good, but when it comes to some worst scenario, it will reflect you’re your real image, of what you are.

So it more about you and you and you.

Win your own life and then win the battle of ROME.

Anyway it is really a great exercise for AWA section of GMAT.



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Letter to My Students : Reloaded


Just now I came across one awesome phrase, when I read it, I remembered my blog “letter to Students”.

Please read the one line of Abraham Lincoln

Well, those who has read my previous blog of “letter to my students”, they will be able to understand Mr. Lincoln’s line easily. Just to summarize, it talks about sharpening the sword when u have time in your hand.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

letter to my students


It’s been a long time for our mail communication. Well, I hope that, you all have performed well in your exam. Your oral exams were bit tough, but I am sure that, u all have tackled it in nice way. I am really happy to see u all ignited with the flames for gaining more knowledge and implementing it in your practical life.

After studying hard for exam in group, now time has come to sharpen your sword. Well, here I am not saying you to get ready to fight in ROME, LOL… J. What I mean is, it’s a time where you all have good chance to improve your skills. During my teaching assignment with you all, i observed many students with awesome technical knowledge, but they lack somewhere. people speak a lot but they are dull technically, only few were balanced in both the line. But anyways, we are human, we tend to do mistakes. But only rational men learn from their mistakes. So be unique and gain what you don’t have in you. If u think, I am poor in communication then just star addressing that issue on the spot. If you think I don’t know technology then start your search engine to grasp it. Make the schedule and work on it. Keep the habit of First Thing First. So my dear Team, better u all expand your dimension of time and spare few hours to sharpen your sword (I mean your skills.)

I know its very difficult to do, when you are busy with your dual degree, office work, home work and other social work. But it is bitter truth that all great persons on this planet had only 24 hours a day. They all were like us, but still they did something which made them famous and popular. Though it is tough but get some time for your Personal Development or else u will regret later on.

I hope, my teaching assignment with you all, was a fabulous journey. I also hope that my rational thoughts and my robust techno-functional knowledge helped u a lot to gain more interest in your academics. Well, personally I enjoyed the journey of VB and SQL with u all. It was good experience with u all.

Hope, u do perform well in future with your academics, personal development and society.

All the best NERDS

Shyam Gohil.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Hi all,


I was just looking for ipod for me. And while searching I came across following.




guys check out new apple ipod...


very small and slim but yet powerful.


I love this innovation. 


Monday, April 13, 2009



Hi all,


Yesterday, I came across something new. I had heard of that long back. But I never found any interest to do search on it. But yesterday I just rigged that topic. The topic is Microblogging.


U all might be asking following questions?


  • What is Microblogging?
  • How do people use it?
  • Why do people use it?
  • What is the use?


Lets start with the basic definitions which I came across during surfing. It goes in this way “blogs which are lesser than 200 characters then it is called as Microblog.” Sometimes Microblogging is also known as Nanoblogging.


People use such Microblogging to dhow their moods, what are they feeling about? They express their sorrow, joy, love, care and their personality with their Microblogging. They just log in and they say “Good Morning guys. I am busy with some typing work” so here u can get the idea that she/he might be busy with the office typing work. Sometimes they also blog “I am done with cooking, waiting for my daughter to have dinner” so lines are very small. Messages are plain. But they give inside of anyone.


My analysis:


After spending lot of time on this I came to know that, such microblogs are easy to follow. It doesn’t take much time to read them. It also includes emotions. Hence we can make out that how he/she is feeling right now. By following her/his all microblogs we can make out her/his moods. At some extend this is very easy. Its not a tough task. But now let me tell u how can we use their emotions for our business. Now suppose that u have come to know that YOU_LOVE234 user is really happy today. The reason for being happy is that today is his girlfriend’s birthday. So if any shopping website comes to know about this fact then they will send some gifts email for his girlfriend. And they may give him 10 to 20 % discount. Now lets consider LOVE_YOU234 gets a mail that gift a ring to your loved one and get 15% discount. Now that guy will be in surprised to see this mail. But later on he may atleast think to that email which is sent from shopping website. So this how we can actually use such websites for more intelligence.


May be my friends this may help u all to for further analysis.

Feel free to Comment and suggest me something..






Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Data mining and social networking websites


Data mining and social networking websites.


Hi all, 

I am back with my Data Mining stuffs. This time I have something special to write about how social networking website can help the organization recruiters to select the candidates. You all might be wondering that

  • How is it possible?
  • Is it really practical?
  • How will it work for Organization Recruiters?


Guys, you all will get the answer after reading this blog.


Ok, let’s start with the example. Suppose you are planning for change in job. You apply for your dream company. And for that u provide the resume and other details. After few days u get the call from the company for telephonic interview schedule; and they schedule the round after one week. But meanwhile company put their agents on social networking websites to dig out every possible information about you. Now you might be thinking that how do they collect the information. So the answer is as follow.

They check following things


  • Your profile
  • Blogs written by you.
  • Your Photos uploaded to your albums
  • Communities joined by you
  • Your posts and replies to the communities


So from above all the way they can dig out the intelligence and make out some important decision to do the recruitment.


Again come back to our example. In your profile, you have written that u have good expertise in C and C++ programming language. You also try to provide fake info that u have done some projects on both the languages just to impress them. Based on your profile, they check your C and C++ community details (You might have joined). And after going through the community they come across one post where in you have asked for the help that


“Hi all,

I am new to C and C++ language.

Can anyone send me the tutorials for the same?”


So from above post in the community, an agent can make out that you are lying. and this way he can put your resume in BLACK LIST. An agent will scrutinize your resume more thoroughly. This one way of doing the PATTERN ANALYSIS on your details. So the result you will get to listen is “OUR COMPUTER SAYS NO YOU!!”



So this is a new dimension of DATA MINING to dig the INTELLIGENCE. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Google I’m feeling lucky


Google I’m feeling lucky


I was just sitting with my friends and we had some discussion on some topic. After that I came back to my desk and started googling out the some thoughts which we had discussed. But later on, I got some error and I restarted my mozilla.


After restarting I opened and my eyes were focused on google’s I’m feeling lucky button. I just typed my name and i pressed I’m feeling lucky button. Then I got the result of Dr. Shyam Gohil. He is from Rajkot (Gujarat). Then I went with traditional approach of google’s search button. Then I got list of searches having word Shyam Gohil.

But the amazing part was the first result. Dr. Shyam Gohil’s result was in ranked first in the search. Then I got the idea that “I’m feeling lucky” button gives u the first ranked result from the google search engine.


Then, u know I typed shyamthecipher and u all will not believe I got my page, there I got to see my profile page. It was really a great search.



Cheers to Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Web advertisement


Web advertisement: 

Any advertiser must do the ground work before publishing any ads online. They need to consider few points which i have listed below. I hope it will help to gain more understanding

  • Web banners are the part of web advertisements
  • Banners are the mini billboards.
  • Banners need to be more specific and more appealing to customers needs
  • Clicks on banner should open new window or new tab in browsers.
  • Banners can be customized to group of users.
  • Banners should be repetitive.
  • Creativity of ads helps to attract various groups of users
  • Banners help to remember the product and its brand. Visitors does think of once or twice about the advertisements
  • Online advertisement helps to understand visitors interests, likes and dislikes



Data mining in social networking website


Data mining in social networking websites


After reading lot on data mining on Monday, I came across a really brilliant thought for DM. we all know that Orkut website is very famous in India for social networking. I think every teen will have their account on In fact users are crazy, they almost spend their half of the day visiting friends profile, scrapping “hi how r u?” texts, commenting the pictures of friends and tagging friends.


But there exist one group of users who are quite advance. I can say they are some what smarter then average orkut users (I will call them visitors). These users use orkut in every possible way. Let me list down what do they do

  •  they join the community
  •  they exchange their thoughts in forums
  •  they participate in polls
  •  they contribute in open forum
  •  they post questions and queries
  • They discuss with others to come up with the solutions

They try to use orkut in every possible way. And that’s why I call them smart users. Let me give u an example, few days back one of my friend wanted to find some info regarding USA universities, so she wanted me to work on this search. I couldn’t give my time to her because I was bit busy with my other studies, but I gave her the searching techniques. I told her to join any USA university community on orkut. Then I told her to post her query on the forums. And u all will not believe, within 2 days she started getting replies, and then she took the pace and she enquired a lot on education, life style, expenses, staying and hell lot of stuffs (thank god I wasn’t the part of that discussion). But yes, she got her answers. She was more focused after that.

So guys I can say that this could be one example of being smart orkut user.


Now let me tell u about one more group of people those are profile sniffers. They try to dig in to everyone’s profile and try to fetch data such as

  • her interests
  • likes
  • dislikes
  • education details
  • friend’s details
  • birthdays
  • lots of other stuffs.

Their main intention is to keep a watch on their targeted profiles. They spend most of the time visiting victim’s profile. They check how many scraps he/she gets in a day. Who sends scarps to him/her? And what kind of scraps they send to him/her. What does he/she replies on her/his scraps. Is scarp contains any important data such as contact number, bank details, love affair info.


They figure out all these information for their private use, sometimes they sell it to their friends and earn handsome money out of it. Or sometimes they are being recruited by some one to keep a watch on his girlfriend’s or her boyfriend’s activities. And that’s why they are called as profile sniffers. These users have patience. They are with u, but u don’t know them. We can see them but still they are invisible. They sit for many hours on net surfing web pages and finding key info and then use it when required. They are the real nerds. They work in background. Their main job is to do ANALYSIS.


So this all about the usage pattern of the users.


I will soon post more on data mining capabilities.



Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Import and Export database utility of Oracle XE


Hi all,


Being from data warehouse technologies, I daily deal with databases, reporting tools, etl processes, its more like a basic routine for me. Few days back we (Team) wanted to setup Cognos 8.4 version in our RnD lab. We all were excited with the thought that we will learn something new form the latest tool. But there was a issue with the database license. Unfortunately we could not get any extra SQL server 2005 license. So it was like a major issue. Then I came up with the free version database server; and after googling my search, I came up with ORACLE XE free database server.


At last we got some free database server. Now there was one more challenge of installing it and configuring it. But again we got some documents through which we could install the oracle XE easily.


After installing we created the content store for the Cognos 8.4 and my Cognos was working smooth. But as such there were no packages such as Gosales and Godatawarehouse in the Cognos server and due to which we can not move ahead with the reporting. Now next task was to import data source from Cognos to oracle XE. I faced so much problem to import the database or u can say the dump file. My other team member created the schema for each dump file and they were just waiting for my query to import the database. Then after few minutes I got the steps to perform import and export of dump files.


I thought of the complexities of importing and exporting the dump file, it was really tough, so my manager told me to document each steps properly so that even other can follow that. So made a document but the I thought why don’t I share this experience with others and hence I wrote this blog.


So steps are as follow.


1)      Create tmp directory in oracle. And store all the dump files in tmp directory.


MKDIR c:\oraclexe\app\tmp


2)      Login with the system/password in SQLPLUS.

3)      Create a directory object named dumpdir for tmp directory that u just creared. For that execute following command.


CREATE OR REPLACE DIRECTORY dmpdir AS 'c:\oraclexe\app\tmp';


Gosalesdw is the schema name where I want to import the dump file.


4)      Execute following commands to import the dump file to gosalesdw schema.


impdp SYSTEM/password SCHEMAS=gosalesdw DIRECTORY=dmpdir DUMPFILE=gosalesdw.dmp 


After this tables and all the data gets imported from the dump file to oracle schema. Here I completed the restoration of Cognos sample data source. Then we created the packages and published it to Cognos portal and we started reporting.


It was really a nice exercise for us. Because since morning we were struggling to restore the dump file. I enjoyed this scenario a lot. I hope this blog may help to restore the oracle dump files.