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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Amazing Phoenix Mall

Hey guys, its Saturday evening after coming from Phoenix Mall its mix feeling in my mind. Now don’t ask me why. Anyways, let me tell u. I left my home at 2:30 pm. It was raining. It was really an awesome climate. My dad said “dude, its raining heavily outside. Why don’t u skip ur plan?” I answered “dad, it is really nice climate. And I will enjoy the same. Don’t worry about the weather.” And I moved out fo my home.

We reached Phoenix Mall by 3:15. We went to pantaloons to check new Clima Cool T-shirt collections. Let me tell u one thing, I prefer clima cool t-shirts and jersey than cotton or other fabric t-shirts. Look was it great. It has good mechanism which will keep your body dry. So I am so much obsessed with it. Well, I didn’t find good collections there. But anyways I found good shoes. But those were really costly. I skipped my mind from that (Lol). Then we went to lifestyle. Its in the Mall itself. After doing window shopping we just came to Open Ground Phoenix Mall. There I saw promotion of NBA Live 2009 EA Sports game. It was great. Many girls and guys were trying to slam Dunk the ball in the net. So I also thought to try my hand on it. It was raining heavily but still I went of shelters and went to open ground and took the ball from someone and started throwing ball in the net.

At first it was geart experience. I thought that, I will be able to manage the ball. But ball was so much big, that I had to use my two hands to throw the ball. Then I started my first shot, it did hit the net but couldn’t make it. I tried second, third and so on. In all the attempts I could only put the ball in the net twice. Not more than that. My success ratio was somewhere around 15 to 20 percent. Well, but there many young kids they were really playing good. It was good to see them.

After that, we just moved to someother part of mall. We went to croma and there I started playing games on Ipod Touch. It was really nice experience for me. I had heard from my friend that in order to take turn u have to turn your ipod to respective directions. So I was really excited to do it practically. I started playing street race game. And I chose fastest car. Then I begin to ride. And guys, u will not believe, I moved my ipod touch slight to down to left and my car took left turn. And that was great. I could not resist myself for playing more. So overall it was amazing.

Well, I forgot to mention my mix feeling. After roaming lot, my legs were paining a lot. And train travelling was again a problem. So it was mix feeling for me. And the best part was , raining was continuously flowing its drops on us. And it was amazing. Don’t have words to describe that.

So soon, I will come up with some more good topics for my blog.

Hope u liked it




  1. it seems that u had a good time in mall. i couldn't resist myself asking that what was the price of that shoes (lolz no need to tell). And atlast u have experienced the motion sensor on ur ipod. Actually we (me and siddharth jain) had that experience 6 months back. Actually sidhu was having a sony ericsson mobile it was having that feature (motion sensor). And tell u one thing we were playing that in ur lecture (lolz).

  2. yeah jimmy,

    it was awesome... i enjoyed a lot...get some free time realx your self there....

    go for bowling, good food and tasty subways sandwiches..

  3.'s so long,but amazing article!I luv ur blog and reading ur articles here:) luv it soooooo much!!! :)
    xxx Klára