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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Google I’m feeling lucky


Google I’m feeling lucky


I was just sitting with my friends and we had some discussion on some topic. After that I came back to my desk and started googling out the some thoughts which we had discussed. But later on, I got some error and I restarted my mozilla.


After restarting I opened and my eyes were focused on google’s I’m feeling lucky button. I just typed my name and i pressed I’m feeling lucky button. Then I got the result of Dr. Shyam Gohil. He is from Rajkot (Gujarat). Then I went with traditional approach of google’s search button. Then I got list of searches having word Shyam Gohil.

But the amazing part was the first result. Dr. Shyam Gohil’s result was in ranked first in the search. Then I got the idea that “I’m feeling lucky” button gives u the first ranked result from the google search engine.


Then, u know I typed shyamthecipher and u all will not believe I got my page, there I got to see my profile page. It was really a great search.



Cheers to Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Web advertisement


Web advertisement: 

Any advertiser must do the ground work before publishing any ads online. They need to consider few points which i have listed below. I hope it will help to gain more understanding

  • Web banners are the part of web advertisements
  • Banners are the mini billboards.
  • Banners need to be more specific and more appealing to customers needs
  • Clicks on banner should open new window or new tab in browsers.
  • Banners can be customized to group of users.
  • Banners should be repetitive.
  • Creativity of ads helps to attract various groups of users
  • Banners help to remember the product and its brand. Visitors does think of once or twice about the advertisements
  • Online advertisement helps to understand visitors interests, likes and dislikes



Data mining in social networking website


Data mining in social networking websites


After reading lot on data mining on Monday, I came across a really brilliant thought for DM. we all know that Orkut website is very famous in India for social networking. I think every teen will have their account on In fact users are crazy, they almost spend their half of the day visiting friends profile, scrapping “hi how r u?” texts, commenting the pictures of friends and tagging friends.


But there exist one group of users who are quite advance. I can say they are some what smarter then average orkut users (I will call them visitors). These users use orkut in every possible way. Let me list down what do they do

  •  they join the community
  •  they exchange their thoughts in forums
  •  they participate in polls
  •  they contribute in open forum
  •  they post questions and queries
  • They discuss with others to come up with the solutions

They try to use orkut in every possible way. And that’s why I call them smart users. Let me give u an example, few days back one of my friend wanted to find some info regarding USA universities, so she wanted me to work on this search. I couldn’t give my time to her because I was bit busy with my other studies, but I gave her the searching techniques. I told her to join any USA university community on orkut. Then I told her to post her query on the forums. And u all will not believe, within 2 days she started getting replies, and then she took the pace and she enquired a lot on education, life style, expenses, staying and hell lot of stuffs (thank god I wasn’t the part of that discussion). But yes, she got her answers. She was more focused after that.

So guys I can say that this could be one example of being smart orkut user.


Now let me tell u about one more group of people those are profile sniffers. They try to dig in to everyone’s profile and try to fetch data such as

  • her interests
  • likes
  • dislikes
  • education details
  • friend’s details
  • birthdays
  • lots of other stuffs.

Their main intention is to keep a watch on their targeted profiles. They spend most of the time visiting victim’s profile. They check how many scraps he/she gets in a day. Who sends scarps to him/her? And what kind of scraps they send to him/her. What does he/she replies on her/his scraps. Is scarp contains any important data such as contact number, bank details, love affair info.


They figure out all these information for their private use, sometimes they sell it to their friends and earn handsome money out of it. Or sometimes they are being recruited by some one to keep a watch on his girlfriend’s or her boyfriend’s activities. And that’s why they are called as profile sniffers. These users have patience. They are with u, but u don’t know them. We can see them but still they are invisible. They sit for many hours on net surfing web pages and finding key info and then use it when required. They are the real nerds. They work in background. Their main job is to do ANALYSIS.


So this all about the usage pattern of the users.


I will soon post more on data mining capabilities.



Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Import and Export database utility of Oracle XE


Hi all,


Being from data warehouse technologies, I daily deal with databases, reporting tools, etl processes, its more like a basic routine for me. Few days back we (Team) wanted to setup Cognos 8.4 version in our RnD lab. We all were excited with the thought that we will learn something new form the latest tool. But there was a issue with the database license. Unfortunately we could not get any extra SQL server 2005 license. So it was like a major issue. Then I came up with the free version database server; and after googling my search, I came up with ORACLE XE free database server.


At last we got some free database server. Now there was one more challenge of installing it and configuring it. But again we got some documents through which we could install the oracle XE easily.


After installing we created the content store for the Cognos 8.4 and my Cognos was working smooth. But as such there were no packages such as Gosales and Godatawarehouse in the Cognos server and due to which we can not move ahead with the reporting. Now next task was to import data source from Cognos to oracle XE. I faced so much problem to import the database or u can say the dump file. My other team member created the schema for each dump file and they were just waiting for my query to import the database. Then after few minutes I got the steps to perform import and export of dump files.


I thought of the complexities of importing and exporting the dump file, it was really tough, so my manager told me to document each steps properly so that even other can follow that. So made a document but the I thought why don’t I share this experience with others and hence I wrote this blog.


So steps are as follow.


1)      Create tmp directory in oracle. And store all the dump files in tmp directory.


MKDIR c:\oraclexe\app\tmp


2)      Login with the system/password in SQLPLUS.

3)      Create a directory object named dumpdir for tmp directory that u just creared. For that execute following command.


CREATE OR REPLACE DIRECTORY dmpdir AS 'c:\oraclexe\app\tmp';


Gosalesdw is the schema name where I want to import the dump file.


4)      Execute following commands to import the dump file to gosalesdw schema.


impdp SYSTEM/password SCHEMAS=gosalesdw DIRECTORY=dmpdir DUMPFILE=gosalesdw.dmp 


After this tables and all the data gets imported from the dump file to oracle schema. Here I completed the restoration of Cognos sample data source. Then we created the packages and published it to Cognos portal and we started reporting.


It was really a nice exercise for us. Because since morning we were struggling to restore the dump file. I enjoyed this scenario a lot. I hope this blog may help to restore the oracle dump files.