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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Streaming Movie Websites

Hi all,

Do you need free streaming videos? then check out following websites for all your required movies, tv serial episodes, etc..

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Enjoy the movies.


Hi all,

I have come up with new remote desktop sharing tool. Tool is TeamViewer.

One of the best thing which I liked about TeamViewer is that, it is absolutely FREE for personal, non-commercial use - just download and start!

TeamViewer is a simple, fast and secure remote control application. You can use TeamViewer for the following scenarios:
  • Give ad-hoc remote support to colleagues, friends or customers.
  • Administer Windows® server and workstations (you can configure TeamViewer to run as a Windows® system service – so your computer is reachable even before you are logged in to Windows®).
  • Share your desktop for online-presentations or collaboration.
TeamViewer can communicate across firewall barriers and proxies without any need for special configurations!

It's new version 3.5 has following features.
  • Sessionrecording
  • Control
  • VPN
  • Remote Reboot
TeamViewer provides following modes of operations.
  • Remote Support: For remote control and desktop sharing.
  • Presentation: To show your desktop to a partner.
  • File Transfer: To transfer files from or to your partner’s computer. (You can also start the file transfer option later during remote support).
  • VPN: Establish a VPN connection to your partner.

Link for downloading the TeamViewer

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Retrieve SQL Server Password.

hi all,

Today, since morning our team was on SQL Server 2000 and 2005. We had many task in our hand. We had to handle back and restore of databases and many other stuffs.

And in between one of my friend, lost his sa userid's password. And due to which he could not log in to his SQL Server. And at that point we really had bad time. He tried entering some password. But that didnt work at all.

Meanwhile, I was just trying to open SQL Server from windows authentication mode. Screenshot is shown below.

So above screenshot shows the SQL Authentication mode. and user id is sa. But now change the Authentication to windows authentication mode. It did not ask me for the user id and password. and i could log in to the SQL Server.

So switch to Windows Authentication mode. Then it will not ask for the password and user id. It will automatically take it to the SQL server. Which is shown in image below.

Once it is done, what u can do is, just go to security login. and open property of sa login. In the property window change the password. And click on the OK button.

This way you can change the old or lost password.

Send me the reply.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My First Blog.

hello everyone, this is shyam gohil.

this is my first blog on internet.
from now onwards I will publish my thoughts and ideas on the net via my blogs.

please feedback me for my blogs.