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Monday, January 21, 2013

Anmol is very Precious

This is very interesting post. We have a maidservant who comes to wash utensils at our home. So tonight she came up with her little son who is 9 years old and he is studying in 5th standard.

Maidservant introduced me to him. I asked him "What's ur name?"
He answered "my name is Anmol"

I asked "Do u like to study?"
He answered "yes, a lot!"
I was surprised to hear this answer. I could see a deep interest in his eye.

I asked "which subject do u like?"
He answered "I like English a lot!"
I was surprised to hear him and i said "Wow!!!"

Then he said "I like to write stories!" I was just amazed to hear his sentence. I was speechless. I couldn't imagine such a beautiful sentence coming out of any 9 year old kid. That sentence was so pleasing to me. I could see a spark on him. I could see a bright future in his gesture. He was calm and composed. He was looking stable and firm. His actions were disciplined. And I was just excited to know more about him.

I immediately gave pen and paper to him and asked him to write any story that he likes or anything that comes in his mind.

And this is what he came up with. Though there are some grammar mistakes but I will still call that little champ as a showstopper.

The story is really nice. Its about Sam's birthday and his Birthday present (Bike).

The boy's name is Anmol. In Hindi language Anmol is referred as precious and valuable. As soon as Maid's work was done, both mom and son left home. Though Anmol's story was incomplete but he left me with his talented impression. And I was truly delighted with it.

I just couldn't resist myself and I wrote this blog post for him.

A young sincere little champ Anmol. It was great to meet you.

Hope u enjoyed this.

Shyam Gohil

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I wished tonight

From the long time i was missing something, I was really wondering what was that, was that a feeling of friendship or feeling of love, was it the tight hug, was it the twilight sky, was it  the rainy evening or sunny morning?

Even after knowing so many languages i was still lost in translation, 
Even after walking a lot I found zero distance covered,
Even after clear eyes my vision was blur

but dont know what happened today everything just changed, every block started fitting well, complex puzzles became simple, everything around me was just upside down..was that your effect or was that something else? All I can say is I had the best time.... 
Dont know why am i poet tonight? and really dont know why I wished tonight?
I wished to cherish this memory tonight
I wished to remember this beautiful moment tonight
I wished to pause the time tonight
I wished to hold you tonight
I wished to hug you tight tonight
I wished to see you everywhere tonight
I wished to be the apple of your eye
I wished not to leave you tonight 
I wished not to loose ur hand tonight

for someone special....

Shyam Gohil

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Don't make me cry tonight

This poem goes to my friend who is suffering from a very big personal problem. When I heard his talk I just couldn't think anything else. I could really feel the pain in his voice.

This for you my friend. I know how much you want to confess.

God I have been sinner but please forgive my sin tonight
God I have broken someone's heart but please don't break my heart tonight
God I have crushed someone's dreams but please don't crush my dreams tonight
God I have harmed someone but please don't harm me tonight
God I have made someone cry but please don't make me cry tonight
God I have done so many sin but please forgive me tonight
Let the Divine ray fall on me and make me pure soul.

God please don't make me cry tonight.

I pray god god that he gets what he wants.

Shyam Gohil