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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Random thoughts 3

And one more thought starts crossing in my mind, and that thought is "there are loads of great things going around in mind then what crap is going around me"

It's very interesting to know that imagination of mind is beyond the limited things. 

It's amazing what mind can actually do. Power of imagination is something which is really extra-ordinary. The stuffs that we could do from imagination is just limitless. It can generate tremendous ideas which has the power to shake the mountains. 

One simple thought can certainly bring a change of lifetime. 

It's really interesting to know what we are capable of doing. Let's just spend some time concentrating on imagination. I am sure the results will be outstanding. 


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Random thoughts #2

Do u enjoy a moment when out of no where everything just stops from motions it's as if u r the only one who is alive and rest all the things are frozen. In such lonely
Moment u close your eyes and out of surprise hands pass by ur shoulder and hug you tightly and it's like a most peaceful moment you revisiting in the warmness of this hands. His arm touches you with a sign of care and caresses you with a sign of pamper. And you loose the touch of sight and find yourself in cloud 9. That's the moment of life and suddenly you wake up from the dream and see the dark
Reality of the life. But touch of hands is still in your mind and it drives you back to the same dream but it's too far to reach back.


Something Random #1

And guess what talk of 30 minutes was such less that I didn't want phone to pull the plug from ears. It was enigmatic and indulging in a talk which was about the care comfort and little naughty. These moments are like gazing around the clouds and enjoying the rain with ballad smell of soil and some cold winds. And you never ever feel satisfied, your tummy will always be hungry for more such moments. Because such is the power of talks and the person you spend time with. These are to be kept in the bottom of heart so that none can erase it.

Anyways i gotta stop right here. Otherwise you will have tough time to read long long texts.