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Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Beautiful Journey

Dear Students,

#IMISSUALL. Yesterday I was going through my few diaries. I wanted to find some notes from it. I was shuffling many pages. And then I came across one page. Title of the page was “3rd Jan 2009” I was not surprised to see that title because, most of my dairy pages are titled in similar way. But then I took time to read some texts. And then I remembered the day when I came into your contacts. 

I still remember that day, I moved out of my home by 2 PM, hoping for new start, with all great feelings in my mind. I was certainly very curious to see You (my new batch). All random thoughts were floating through my mind. For me it was very much difficult to concentrate on any single thing. I was not worried but I was confused. I was not timid, but I was little bit nervous. So that was my mind set. I was going though all these phases during my journey from home to college. I was nearby college, and then automatically I started feeling better. Waves of random thoughts were calmed. I was relaxed and cool. So it was really favorable for me.

I reached college office and met all new people. All new staffs and other professors. I was glad to see the change. Within few minutes, I got the call to go to class room number 8 on second floor. I took my water bottle, laptop, white board marker and headed to class 8 for my new assignment.

You all were new for me, you all were young with full of energy, You might not have thought of me. You might not have expected that I will be visiting you. But anyways I open the door with my smile and greeted with “Good afternoon” to you all. You all stared at me with some astonished look. And I was feeling wonderful.

Then I started delivering my lectures and it went smooth. I spend somewhere around 4 hours with you. But in that 4 hours I made you all feel great. During my first 4 hours, I wasn’t having any track of time. It was as if I was completely engrossed with You. I was in my splendid wavelength and I was trying to sync my guys to that wavelengths. I was trying to meet all your expectations and thoughts. I could see the smile of satisfaction on your faces. For me that day was amazing. Those 4 hours were amazing. I headed back to home. But now, my mind was pondering. Many thoughts were crossing my mind. Many ideas were hitting my brain and in that mindset, I reached home.

Before going to sleep I was editing my course contents. I have had to do the editing because of you guys. I found so much potential in you all. I could see the waves of fresh ideas flowing through all of your brains. I could see the curiosity on everyone’s face. I could see the spark in all of your eyes to do something special, something outstanding, something extra-ordinary. To cater all your needs, to fulfill all your expectations and to meet your satisfaction level, I strived beyond my limits. I came out of comfort zone to deliver best of my experience, skills and knowledge. I went beyond my boundaries to bring more interests in you all.

You all might be asking one question that “what one thought might be driving Sir to deliver best?” so now I have to give this answer. The answer is, I have only one simple thought in my mind and that thought is “to Inspire and to bring you all on path of perfection”. From day 1 I decided to groom you all in almost all the dimensions of life. And for that reason, I always taught you the values of life.

The journey which I started on 3rd Jan 2009 with you all, was phenomenal. It was the start of extra-ordinary life for me. It was the beginning of change, self improvement and lots of exciting things. You must have heard from people that all journey ends at one point. For me and for you all and for our journey, this is not the case. As far as I know, our journey doesn’t end. I might not be coming to take up your lectures but I am still close to you all. I can still feel your presence. You can anytime knock my doors for help and suggestions. You can anytime buzz my cell phones to reach me. I might be away from you with long distance but internet keeps us so close that I can see you all.

At this point of time, I have only one expectation from you all. I would be happy and I will feel terrific if you guys can fulfill that expectation. I want you all to live an extra ordinary life which will help someone to grow. As I inspired you all, I want you all to inspire others. So that they will also start their journey of PERFECTION. Wherever you go in the world I want you all to continue the journey of inspiring people with your powerful thoughts, your positive approach and with very humble attitude.

Please drop your feelings and express them via comments. I would be glad to see your response.

Thank you so much for being with me,

Shyam Gohil