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Sunday, November 14, 2010

sunday effect

dont know how to express my words... I cant make everyone happy...... I am really upset about that..... why dont people understand this part.....when I was a kid I used to think that one day I will get freedom, I will live my own life..... But u know huys its never like that....we guys are so much connected to this society and their relationship that before taking one step of our personal life.....we have to look for many other people....we have to think about their status, relationship.... we think so much about them because we are connected..... So I sometimes I ask one question to my own self that Am i really living free life?

I will write something more...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Beautiful Journey

Dear Students,

#IMISSUALL. Yesterday I was going through my few diaries. I wanted to find some notes from it. I was shuffling many pages. And then I came across one page. Title of the page was “3rd Jan 2009” I was not surprised to see that title because, most of my dairy pages are titled in similar way. But then I took time to read some texts. And then I remembered the day when I came into your contacts. 

I still remember that day, I moved out of my home by 2 PM, hoping for new start, with all great feelings in my mind. I was certainly very curious to see You (my new batch). All random thoughts were floating through my mind. For me it was very much difficult to concentrate on any single thing. I was not worried but I was confused. I was not timid, but I was little bit nervous. So that was my mind set. I was going though all these phases during my journey from home to college. I was nearby college, and then automatically I started feeling better. Waves of random thoughts were calmed. I was relaxed and cool. So it was really favorable for me.

I reached college office and met all new people. All new staffs and other professors. I was glad to see the change. Within few minutes, I got the call to go to class room number 8 on second floor. I took my water bottle, laptop, white board marker and headed to class 8 for my new assignment.

You all were new for me, you all were young with full of energy, You might not have thought of me. You might not have expected that I will be visiting you. But anyways I open the door with my smile and greeted with “Good afternoon” to you all. You all stared at me with some astonished look. And I was feeling wonderful.

Then I started delivering my lectures and it went smooth. I spend somewhere around 4 hours with you. But in that 4 hours I made you all feel great. During my first 4 hours, I wasn’t having any track of time. It was as if I was completely engrossed with You. I was in my splendid wavelength and I was trying to sync my guys to that wavelengths. I was trying to meet all your expectations and thoughts. I could see the smile of satisfaction on your faces. For me that day was amazing. Those 4 hours were amazing. I headed back to home. But now, my mind was pondering. Many thoughts were crossing my mind. Many ideas were hitting my brain and in that mindset, I reached home.

Before going to sleep I was editing my course contents. I have had to do the editing because of you guys. I found so much potential in you all. I could see the waves of fresh ideas flowing through all of your brains. I could see the curiosity on everyone’s face. I could see the spark in all of your eyes to do something special, something outstanding, something extra-ordinary. To cater all your needs, to fulfill all your expectations and to meet your satisfaction level, I strived beyond my limits. I came out of comfort zone to deliver best of my experience, skills and knowledge. I went beyond my boundaries to bring more interests in you all.

You all might be asking one question that “what one thought might be driving Sir to deliver best?” so now I have to give this answer. The answer is, I have only one simple thought in my mind and that thought is “to Inspire and to bring you all on path of perfection”. From day 1 I decided to groom you all in almost all the dimensions of life. And for that reason, I always taught you the values of life.

The journey which I started on 3rd Jan 2009 with you all, was phenomenal. It was the start of extra-ordinary life for me. It was the beginning of change, self improvement and lots of exciting things. You must have heard from people that all journey ends at one point. For me and for you all and for our journey, this is not the case. As far as I know, our journey doesn’t end. I might not be coming to take up your lectures but I am still close to you all. I can still feel your presence. You can anytime knock my doors for help and suggestions. You can anytime buzz my cell phones to reach me. I might be away from you with long distance but internet keeps us so close that I can see you all.

At this point of time, I have only one expectation from you all. I would be happy and I will feel terrific if you guys can fulfill that expectation. I want you all to live an extra ordinary life which will help someone to grow. As I inspired you all, I want you all to inspire others. So that they will also start their journey of PERFECTION. Wherever you go in the world I want you all to continue the journey of inspiring people with your powerful thoughts, your positive approach and with very humble attitude.

Please drop your feelings and express them via comments. I would be glad to see your response.

Thank you so much for being with me,

Shyam Gohil

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Passion for Hard Work

It was Sunday morning.. I woke up early as usual. Took a bath , did my spiritual activities and read few headlines of news paper.

After that, I was just out for small morning walk and I was doing introspection. I was analyzing my self. I was trying to refine my goals. I was trying to fine tune my scripts. (My Scripts of bringing betterment of life).

During that whole morning journey, I came across many important point of my life. I realized that, to be a successful person in my life few things are essential.

  • Have self discipline
  • Have proper understanding of path
  • Have spiritual stability
  • Living balanced life
I can say all of the above points are really important… which can actually bring radical change in your thoughts, It will also bring positive outlook in your approach towards your work. However, these above points are just the plans… what is more important is how you follow these resolutions in day to day life. In other words I can say “how you implement your life?”

When it comes to implementation, the only one thing which I remember is the Hard work. I believe Hard work is the only Factor which can make significant difference in once life. Hard work has tremendous capability to change anyone’s life.

In today’s world everyone has the Rational Thinking, everyone has knowledge of proper planning and time management. Everyone also talks about the organized planning. But when it comes to actual field work many people have fallen. Many people have seen the integrity gap in between planning and their Actual Action. Due to this, my inner self forces me to think about utmost important factor of being successful.

That greatest important factor is the Hard work. Let me gives you an example, What if an athlete gets a wonderful coach, who is world famous for his advance digital techniques in the sports. Coach will give him all the planning and will teach every single details, but what if an Athlete doesn’t bring proper integrity. What If he doesn’t commit to his hard work then eventually all organized planning and time management and everything will go in vain and useless.

If we try to understand the driving force of Hard Work then we will come across the factor which plays major role. And that factor is nothing but the Passion, excitement, interest, love and zeal towards the work. Your Passion towards your work can bring real difference in your life. If you find your self so much passionate about your work then your Graph of Success rises exponentially.

Let me describe you my personal observation. I have seen many people around me who has passion in Sports, photography, Body Building, Event Management, etc. Many a times a get a chance to share good thoughts with them about their life, profession and goals. When I meet them, I just go excited when they describe their passion towards their work. I feel so much inspired when they describe their love towards their work. When they talk about their success stories, their dedication, passion and love towards whatever work they do, always drives me crazy. After talking to them i find my self in really fresh thoughts. I learn many things from them, and it also helps me to bring more interest and inspiration in my work.

So During my morning walk, I was really feeling powerful. My Body language was becoming more positive and I was feeling more confident.

“Back of my mind I had the feeling of learning new factor of being Successful in my life”

So what I can say is, develop an interest and love in your work. Or I can say develop the passion for your work and then see how easy it becomes to work Hard and Work Effectively. I would like share one inspiring quote with you all. ust think about it, it will surely help you to develop love and passion in your work. A quote is given below

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” Hebbel Quote

Now I m feeling that, my morning walk helped me to understand my self in better way.

I would request you all to share your feeling via comments. I would be happy if you all can tell about the factor which drives you to the path of being successful. Your comments, thoughts and talks will be appreciated..

Thanks and Regards,
Shyam Gohil

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Comfort Zone

Hi All,

Few days back when I was sitting in office, I had very formal discussion in office with my colleague Abhijit. We were just discussing about the great people and their great work. And somehow, after analyzing all the aspects of their success, Abhijit came up with one beautiful point which actually touched me. The point which he said to me was mind blowing. It just created a diversion between the success and the failure. Within few seconds, my mind started thinking on the effectiveness of that point.

Let me just describe you the point what we discussed that day. The point goes like this

“Dare to come out of Comfort Zone”

Let me just explain you what do we understand by Comfort Zone. It is defined as follow

  • Where less decisions to be made
  • Where things are lined up well
  • Which is less complicated
  • Where there is less stress to mind
As we can see, our comfort zone is the zone, where all the things are very very easy. There are no complications for our self. Things are already defined so that we don’t have any burden and tension on our mind. We feel so much easy.

But here, I have to show one hidden dimension of Comfort Zone, which is very vital in all successful and great people’s life. If you try to analyze the life of all great people then you will come to know that, all those great people had decided to quit their comfort zone.

  • They moved out, to meet new challenge in their life.
  • They quit their daily routine and went ahead to lead new life.
  • Day by day they thought to improve their life.
  • They wanted to raise the bar of perfection.
  • They had a passion to do something different and get the success.
They all could do this special thing, because they had one great thought in mind to Work Hard for betterment of Life.

Here I want you all to introspect the thin line difference between Success and failure. If you can think deep, then u will come to know that comfort zone plays major role in success. I have seen people showing lots of fear in taking up challenging task. They don’t want to strive forward because they are happy with their position and status. So they just don’t step out of their comfort zone.

Whereas, A Leader never fears from taking any challenging assignments. Day by day they look for more complex tasks. In short great leaders never fear to come out of their Comfort Zone. That’s why they are so much successful and ahead of everyone in Society.

You get following things if u dare to step out of comfort Zone.

  • You get to know your inner power of handling stress.
  • You get to know alternative solution of same problems.
  • Your mind becomes sharper to handle challenging and complex tasks.
  • Your approach towards problems becomes optimum because of past experience of challenging assignments.
  • Day by day your skills and mind becomes sharp and focused.
So in all, when we dare to step out of comfort zone, then we become so much productive and skilled that we can manage all complex tasks of our life. I have really wonderful quote for Comfort Zone, which is as follow

"If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness." :- Les Brown

So I would say, it is one more factor of being efficient and sharp in our Path of Perfection. Share your thoughts and ideas via comments. Your comments will be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
Shyam Gohil

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi All,

I wish my Family members, Friends and all People connected to me A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

I also wish happy New Year to my Twitter friends and my blog visitors & readers. It’s a big pleasure to me to share some wonderful thoughts on the first day of New Year.

On this New Year, may god give you joy this year and shower his blessings, may god help you to strategies your career in right directions, may god give you strength to come out of all sorrow and pain of previous year, may god help you by standing by you in your all time.

In this New Year, I would like to share few resolutions which we can help for betterment of our life.

  • Give more time to your family members
  • Work on Delayed Gratification
  • Introspection of daily tasks
  • Plan your Tomorrow Today
  • Work when you work
  • Spare some time cherishing happy moments of your life with your self
  • Earn happiness by Giving happiness
Above are some of the very special resolutions which I found to be very much effective in my life. All these resolutions will significantly bring the positive outlook in our life. Which in turn brings us to one step closer to successful life.

I would love to hear your New Year resolutions via comments. Please share your feelings and ideas of New Year resolution.

Your comments will be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
Shyam Gohil