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Sunday, November 14, 2010

sunday effect

dont know how to express my words... I cant make everyone happy...... I am really upset about that..... why dont people understand this part.....when I was a kid I used to think that one day I will get freedom, I will live my own life..... But u know huys its never like that....we guys are so much connected to this society and their relationship that before taking one step of our personal life.....we have to look for many other people....we have to think about their status, relationship.... we think so much about them because we are connected..... So I sometimes I ask one question to my own self that Am i really living free life?

I will write something more...


  1. You need to go back to first principles. To brasstacks. To basics.

    There is something fundamentally wrong with your thought processes, and that is what is causing you misery.


    We are the result of what we have been taught ever since we were born. We are programmed and brainwashed into accepting certain patterns of behavior without question. Our parents, teachers, peers, and our society are responsible for this programming.

    Forget everything you've been taught. Use the intelligence you were born with. Question everything. Reject all that which does not make logical sense.

    Remember only this: we are born to live our life our way. In the words of a certain long-dead charioteer, "Do what you know is right; and fuck the consequences." (apologies to Krishna).

    Every truly great person has lived according to this one principle.

    You can't make everyone happy. Attempting to do so is the first step toward a lifetime of the deepest misery.


    Good luck mate.

  2. yeah...
    I agree with this Anonymous's comment !!!
    The biggest freedom is this. You can tell the world what u are feeling by writing the blogs.
    he he he lols...