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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Must Visit Websites.....

Hi all,

During my free time in office, I always prefer to visit different websites. I always check out their designs, site patterns, navigation, etc. I have been doing this from quite a long time; and I have got enough of the websites in my pocket to show you, but below links are chosen one.

Following websites are most wonderful websites I have ever found. Just take a look to these websites if you want.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My miserable experience of development team

Hi all,

It was 9th December when my module’s code change was sent in the production for final execution. I was told to come 1.30 hour early in the morning because I had to provide support to my developed module.

When I was preparing for my self on 8th December night, my dad asked me “is there anything serious? Why are u looking tense?” I said “I am praying that nothing should go wrong, or else there will be a production abort and it will create huge problem for our entire team.” Then dad said “oh that means it is very crucial for your team” I said “yes dad. It is really crucial.” Then dad said “take care and work carefully.” Then I went to sleep.

I woke up early in the morning, I had bath and then I did my spiritual activities. Then I moved out of my home on time. Meanwhile I was thinking that nothing should go wrong. Now you all might be thinking that why was I taking so much tension. The answer is, it was for the first time I was taking my module to the production environment. And I was alone to give support to that developed module. Being a new member in the team, I was not comfortable with the technology also. And that fear was building more tension. After sometime I thought a bit, and decided if anything will go wrong, then it will give me more understanding of my work, I will get to know the importance of my work. And with this mindset I moved ahead.

In this thought process, I reached office on proper time. I called up my senior that “I am In.” and hence my job started. In the morning only I got the news that my modules cycle is delayed for some time. Then I thought it might be due to migration of module in production environment. But then I got the mail from my onsite coordinator that there was some mistake in the module, and he enlisted some changes which were not present in the development.

That mail increased my trouble. My offshore coordinator called me up and asked me “didn’t you do proper testing of your module?” I answered “yes I did.” Then he asked me “then why is he saying that there are some flaws in the development?” at that moment I did not have any word to describe. Few days back there was a same issue raised by my onsite coordinator, for some fields so that time I solved it. But I didn’t know that the same thing will be applicable to other fields also. And hence I could not speak anything. But anyway it was a small blow before the huge one. But for me a small blow was big enough to turn me down.

Hence after discussion I did the required changes and send the test results for the review. Then I thought “ohhh…. I think the process will get over smoothly.” But I was wrong. I think at 2 PM I got the mail from our production team that “there is an abort” my eyes got widen. I checked the error messages, and I found that there is a problem in the database it self. But then my off shore coordinator told me to do analysis on the abort. I wasn’t fully sure that my analysis is correct or not.

You all won’t believe, whole process cycle was more delayed due to my module’s abort. And I was in more trouble then my first code change error. As I was new to the team my offshore coordinator called me at his desk, and we started to dig up the problem. Slowly and steadily we came to some points which were making more sense to us. But we need to confirm it with our onsite coordinator. And hence we called him up on his mobile. He was sleeping at that time and it was 2 am at his place. But still he picked up the call and asked us “what went wrong?” then my onsite coordinator described him all the scenario and then they started doing the discussion on what might have gone wrong?

They talked nearly for 2 hours and 40 minutes. I was really surprised the way in which both the onsite and offshore coordinator were working in synch. It was like there was a harmony in their work. It was like they were on same wavelength, and hence they were able to figure out many issues of that abort. After really long discussion they resolved the problem and found the root cause of the problem.

It was a bit of relief for me. But there was one more big issue that we had delayed whole cycle for nearly 6 to 7 hours. And it could have affected our business. After that my onsite coordinator handled the situation and he restarted all the associated processes. After doing this also I was under fear that what if again the whole process gets stop due to error. But then I started praying god that please god, do not abort any job. During this work I didn’t know when clock ticked 11 pm. I was hungry because I didn’t have anything in belly, so I decided to go home. But in back of my mind I still had one fear that what if any abort comes. But after keeping faith on god, I moved out of my office at 11.30 pm in night.

I reached home by 11.50 pm. After entering in home my dad responded “Son, u really had tough day today.” I nodded my head and went to kitchen for some food. After having food, I again prayed and then kept everything on god and slept on bed.

But seriously speaking I could not sleep yesterday night. I was constantly thinking on the same issue. Then I woke up bit late and after daily morning routing I move out of my home for office with the thought that nothing has gone wrong. And seriously there was no abort through out night. And I was really happy to see that.

I was survived in this test by my onsite and offshore coordinator. They really worked well in synch. And they taught me how to act under mighty pressure and tension. During their analysis I was constantly observing my offshore coordinator’s work and his intelligence. And really, it taught me many principles of life.

At the end of this blog, I have only one sentence for my onsite and offshore coordinator

“HATS off to them!!!!!!!”

Monday, October 13, 2008

Plan the schedule

There can not be authentic success and lasting happiness, if your daily schedule is misaligned with your deepest values. If there is a gap between what you do and what you are, then it is true that you are out of integrity. I will call this as “Integrity GAP”.

Now you all must be thinking that why it is called as “Integrity GAP”? The answer is as follow:
• Because you are not walking your talk.
• Because your video is not congruent with your audio.
• Because you are committing the crime of self betrayal.

All above is being witnessed by something which lives within deepest part of you – your conscience – sees it.

Your schedule is the barometer for what you truly value and believe to be important. My only suggestion to you all is:
• Be honest with your self
• Decide the priorities
• Plan the schedule.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Data Warehouse: Date Dimension

Date dimension in the implementation

In the world of data warehousing dimension modeling is very important, and it plays really vital role in the successful implementation of any organization’s data warehouse. Dimensional modeling refers to the key factors which can affect your business. I mean to say which are the major entity on which your business is running. Let me give you some more understanding of dimensions.

Business: Retail Market
We will have following entity as dimensions:
Product, Customer, Date, time, Store, Promotion, etc

Here in this blog I am more focused on date and time dimensions. They are really important dimension in the dimensional modeling. Many modelers think that why do we need separate date and time dimensions? The answer is very straight forward that virtually every data mart is time series. In fact, date is usually the first dimension to be loaded in to virgin data marts.

Now as we understood that we need to have date dimension in the model, but second question which comes in our mind that how many columns we should keep in date dimension. The answer is very simple; it all depends on the user requirement. But there are some specific columns which are recommended by the model developers. Below diagram shows the complete list of date dimension columns. It will at least give some sound idea of individual columns.

One more valuable information, which I would like to share with you is that date dimension is called as conformed dimension in the data warehouse domain. Now the question is why do we call it as conformed dimension? The answer lies in the design of the data warehouse. When we design several other data marts for different business like healthcare, insurance, education, inventory, etc. all these business has one common dimension which is nothing but the date dimension. Hence the date dimension which is created in the healthcare will be the same in the insurance and education and telecomm business to. Hence we call it to be conformed dimension.

You might have seen holiday indicator in the above diagram, now it (holiday) can be shown as Yes / No value. But as such date dimension can be referred by any other business in the same company. Then here value Yes / No may be misinterpreted. So to avoid such scenario care need to be taken.

Sometimes our OLTP system take handles transaction data within the minutes. Hence in some business handling of time is also important as much as date. So we come up with another time dimension. Now you might be having doubt that why cant we add them in to date dimension? The answer is space issue. Let’s consider the data of 10 years. So my total rows in date dimension will 3650, but if include my every minute details to it then my number of row will reach to 5,256,000. so to avoid this we better go for creation of new time dimension. Which will only take 1,440 rows. And with this we will only have to include one more foreign key to date dimension. Hence most of the developer recommend this approach.

That’s it from my side.
I will keep you update with latest trends in the data warehouse and the data mining.

Cheers !!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Data Mining: Google Search Engine


Yesterday after office hours I was free. I did not have any work. And as usual I was visiting different websites. And before that I just opened my gmail account to check my mails. Then I visited many websites and I used google to search my information on the web. After spending lots of time then again I checked my mails of gmail. Then I ran search of google’s products. There I found lots of products of google.

I was just going through the google’s product one by one. Then I came across web history. Then I clicked on that product. After opening it, I was really surprised to see that whatever I had searched on google search engine, I could see all my search items with their date and time. And then I saw daily, weekly, monthly search reports.

It was really amazing. Then it raised one question in my mind that how my search data will help google? But after meeting my professors and some tech gurus I came to know that it helps google to understand the interest of the users, it also helps to identify the web usage pattern of the user.

Let me explain you by giving simple example.
Let’s consider that you use google to search various information. But you search information on American life style 6 times out of 10 times. Hence google has some predefined data mining algorithms which will identify your search interest. Hence they will come to know that you are more interested in American life style. So whenever you search any items on the google, first preference will be given to the items which are somewhere linked to the America. And that way google will provide customized results based on your search interests. So now if I search for the jobs then I will get most of the job results from America, because search engine tries to map my search with my interest. And that’s how I get efficient searching.

"Hats off to GOOGLE !!!!!!" that’s what I can say


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Streaming Movie Websites

Hi all,

Do you need free streaming videos? then check out following websites for all your required movies, tv serial episodes, etc..

All above websites will give all your required movies.
Enjoy the movies.


Hi all,

I have come up with new remote desktop sharing tool. Tool is TeamViewer.

One of the best thing which I liked about TeamViewer is that, it is absolutely FREE for personal, non-commercial use - just download and start!

TeamViewer is a simple, fast and secure remote control application. You can use TeamViewer for the following scenarios:
  • Give ad-hoc remote support to colleagues, friends or customers.
  • Administer Windows® server and workstations (you can configure TeamViewer to run as a Windows® system service – so your computer is reachable even before you are logged in to Windows®).
  • Share your desktop for online-presentations or collaboration.
TeamViewer can communicate across firewall barriers and proxies without any need for special configurations!

It's new version 3.5 has following features.
  • Sessionrecording
  • Control
  • VPN
  • Remote Reboot
TeamViewer provides following modes of operations.
  • Remote Support: For remote control and desktop sharing.
  • Presentation: To show your desktop to a partner.
  • File Transfer: To transfer files from or to your partner’s computer. (You can also start the file transfer option later during remote support).
  • VPN: Establish a VPN connection to your partner.

Link for downloading the TeamViewer

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Retrieve SQL Server Password.

hi all,

Today, since morning our team was on SQL Server 2000 and 2005. We had many task in our hand. We had to handle back and restore of databases and many other stuffs.

And in between one of my friend, lost his sa userid's password. And due to which he could not log in to his SQL Server. And at that point we really had bad time. He tried entering some password. But that didnt work at all.

Meanwhile, I was just trying to open SQL Server from windows authentication mode. Screenshot is shown below.

So above screenshot shows the SQL Authentication mode. and user id is sa. But now change the Authentication to windows authentication mode. It did not ask me for the user id and password. and i could log in to the SQL Server.

So switch to Windows Authentication mode. Then it will not ask for the password and user id. It will automatically take it to the SQL server. Which is shown in image below.

Once it is done, what u can do is, just go to security login. and open property of sa login. In the property window change the password. And click on the OK button.

This way you can change the old or lost password.

Send me the reply.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My First Blog.

hello everyone, this is shyam gohil.

this is my first blog on internet.
from now onwards I will publish my thoughts and ideas on the net via my blogs.

please feedback me for my blogs.