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Friday, July 31, 2009

Night walk at 10:45 pm.

Night walk at 10:45 pm.

Well guys,
this blog is something different. Here I am trying to say something which helps me to drive ahead. Here I am trying to show the things which I do to make myself on the track. This is more about thought processing.

Let me start. Just to tell u about my schedule, I usually come from office to home between 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Then I just rush for heavy food. Then I spare my time for reading books, helping mom and dad in their work. Or sometime roaming with friends or writing blogs or chatting or orkuting or checking emails. So this is my general schedule. Well, after that I again go for dinner at 10:30 pm.

After that, I just move out for a walk to street near by my home. That street is really good. Few months back only, local cooperator changed its road and now it’s good. Its wide and full of space. But by evening is it really crowded. I don’t even like to pass from that street at that peak time. But sometimes, I have to. So, after dinner, I just start walking on that street. By 10:45 PM on that street, I see fewer crowds. And that pleases me. People are so less, that I can count them with my finger; I actually like that. People come with their small kids and spare some time at local Mewad Ice-cream -wala. Some people spare time with friends on local pan-wala. Few also come to take night walk. And in that environment, I just keep myself moving.

For me, the street environment becomes friendly. There are many reasons behind that. Ok let me tell u that. First: there are really less people on the street and I like that. Second: I find peace on the street during that time. Third: cold wind flows through my body. And that’s wonderful. This is the best part I can say. I think, for this reason only, I go for night walk. Forth: I just try to streamline my mind with respect to my task, work assignment and few other things. I always spend quality of time, analyzing the situation, my problems and almost everything. I try to bring best possible solution out of it. During all these activities I really walk fast. I mean, my speed increases as soon as I go into deep thinking. I spend around 20 minutes of my schedule for a walk.

But guys let me tell something, it just boosts my way of work. It gives me different dimension. It helps me to come up with great ideas. So that’s how, I shape my tasks in better way and I craft them for perfect execution. And it gives me really wonderful feeling. I feel myself as an ORGANIZED CHAP. I mean for me things go and come in really calculated way. It’s the matter of bringing things on time. I just love this feeling. I like being organized. I think being organized for me is really a very big topic of discussion. I will soon write a blog for that.

So, this all about my night walk after dinner. Hope u will like this…


Saturday, July 4, 2009

My AMEX roles and responsibilities


Well, its been around 1 month since I joined AMEX Team. Let me be more specific, by today I completed my one month in AMEX Team. I got the AMEX assignment on 4th june. And I was glad to strike that opportunity. I was happy, becoz after around four months since I left ALLSTATE, I got the project on Cognos. So it was really good opportunity to shine myself.

My interview was taken by my colleague. And then next day I had interview with my onsite team. They asked many questions to me and somehow I answered them well. So I have had a feeling that "I AM IN". So after few days back I got the conformation on 4th june and I joined AMEX.

Since my joining in new assignment, it was really a roller coaster experience. I had seen my mindset fluctuating like sign wave on oscilloscope. I could not think anything at those moment. I was just try to keep my pace to cope up with my colleague. She helped me a lot to understand the system of FNRT. It was her support wich made me stable on my track. Then after few days, I managed to handle stuffs by my own, with some good leadership and decision making skills. I also tried to streamlined the processes. I thought being an Cognos guy my main intension have to be to make everything proper from Cognos part. So as I started to emphasizing more on that.

During the sessions, I use to observe much weird and pathetic stuff. Ok forget about that, I am not going to tell those things in this blog but yes, I will surely write new blog for that. Let me just tell u my roles and responsibilities at AMEX.

1) My first job is to maintain the integrity with Mainframe Guys

2) My second task involves giving architectural solutions to team for implementing any projects with respect to cognos.

3) My third task include streamlining the Cognos and mainframe workflow.

4) I also have to provide sizing of the projects.

5) I also need to tell them about the implementation time, engagements, some worst case scenarios.

Anyways, at this moment I can only think of these 5 points. But I am sure that my task is more than that. I may need to sit down and start deep thinking on the same. Then I think I will come up with some good and interesting points.

Well, I will surly update on the same very soon. Let me update u guys on my current milestones. I am working on STAT CEO process. Hopefully it will start on next week. Till that time good bye on AMEX.



Amazing Phoenix Mall


Hey guys, its Saturday evening after coming from Phoenix Mall its mix feeling in my mind. Now don’t ask me why. Anyways, let me tell u. I left my home at 2:30 pm. It was raining. It was really an awesome climate. My dad said “dude, its raining heavily outside. Why don’t u skip ur plan?” I answered “dad, it is really nice climate. And I will enjoy the same. Don’t worry about the weather.” And I moved out fo my home.

We reached Phoenix Mall by 3:15. We went to pantaloons to check new Clima Cool T-shirt collections. Let me tell u one thing, I prefer clima cool t-shirts and jersey than cotton or other fabric t-shirts. Look was it great. It has good mechanism which will keep your body dry. So I am so much obsessed with it. Well, I didn’t find good collections there. But anyways I found good shoes. But those were really costly. I skipped my mind from that (Lol). Then we went to lifestyle. Its in the Mall itself. After doing window shopping we just came to Open Ground Phoenix Mall. There I saw promotion of NBA Live 2009 EA Sports game. It was great. Many girls and guys were trying to slam Dunk the ball in the net. So I also thought to try my hand on it. It was raining heavily but still I went of shelters and went to open ground and took the ball from someone and started throwing ball in the net.

At first it was geart experience. I thought that, I will be able to manage the ball. But ball was so much big, that I had to use my two hands to throw the ball. Then I started my first shot, it did hit the net but couldn’t make it. I tried second, third and so on. In all the attempts I could only put the ball in the net twice. Not more than that. My success ratio was somewhere around 15 to 20 percent. Well, but there many young kids they were really playing good. It was good to see them.

After that, we just moved to someother part of mall. We went to croma and there I started playing games on Ipod Touch. It was really nice experience for me. I had heard from my friend that in order to take turn u have to turn your ipod to respective directions. So I was really excited to do it practically. I started playing street race game. And I chose fastest car. Then I begin to ride. And guys, u will not believe, I moved my ipod touch slight to down to left and my car took left turn. And that was great. I could not resist myself for playing more. So overall it was amazing.

Well, I forgot to mention my mix feeling. After roaming lot, my legs were paining a lot. And train travelling was again a problem. So it was mix feeling for me. And the best part was , raining was continuously flowing its drops on us. And it was amazing. Don’t have words to describe that.

So soon, I will come up with some more good topics for my blog.

Hope u liked it



Friday, July 3, 2009

I Enjoy Rain


Well, its Saturday morning. And my inspiron is inspiring me to write something.

Right now I have half glass of sprite.. and I am enjoying the sweet taste instead of morning GARAM MASALA CHAI. Last week, I had come across many topics to write. I just come across many good topics when I work at office, travel by bus, walk on street, talk to colleague, explain something to students, talk to friends, discuss with mom, look at big billboards, enjoy rain, etc… for me its like, everything is inspiring. I get the inspiration from all the objects which pleases me or which I love. Well that’s the best part in me.

Anyways, my topic for Saturday morning is Rain. Its been a long time, I haven’t been to JUHU CHOPATI to enjoy the drops of rain. Few years back when I was doing my graduation, I used to go to juhu chopati with friends to enjoy the beautiful weather. I like weather with sun hidden in clouds and whole gray sky with no lights but still, every particle of nature glows and shines with the gray sky. I also inquired that, many people do not like such kind of weather, the reason is it gives more drowsiness and you become lazier. But for me this case is altogether different. For me this climate is really beautiful. I enjoy every moment with nature. I enjoy the wind glazing through my body. I feel the joy in the wind with new thoughts. I feel energetic.

Currently its raining outside my house. Before writing this, I already enjoyed the rain when I went to street s to get milk and morning breakfast. I was with my king size umbrella and with my shorts, and floaters. It was awesome. Rain was so much heavy, that even with my king size umbrella, could not save me to get wet. Well, it was fun.

During this rainy season, I want to go to bandstand or Nariman Point location to enjoy the heavy rain with strong winds. I have seen the videos and photos of people enjoying such moments. So I am just planning to go to enjoy such exotic weather.

For me rainy season is more about introspecting season. In this season, people like to stay at home, and they resist their self to do any work. People like to be ideal without any work. But in this season, we get lots of time to think about you. Its more about following questions

What you want to be? Do? Know?

How you want to be? Do? Know?

If u can think on such topics about you, then I can say you are enjoying the rainy season, even if u don’t like it. I believe it give more deeper understanding when u try to streamline your own brain and mind. Its more about your own or personal victory. It more about you. I always like personal victory than public victory. Personal victory is the basic foundation of the life. A men cannot reach beyond in his public life if his values, ethics, morals are not deep. Its like we see a fat man but he doesn’t have the strength to life 10KG weight. Externally it may look good, but when it comes to some worst scenario, it will reflect you’re your real image, of what you are.

So it more about you and you and you.

Win your own life and then win the battle of ROME.

Anyway it is really a great exercise for AWA section of GMAT.