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Friday, July 3, 2009

I Enjoy Rain

Well, its Saturday morning. And my inspiron is inspiring me to write something.

Right now I have half glass of sprite.. and I am enjoying the sweet taste instead of morning GARAM MASALA CHAI. Last week, I had come across many topics to write. I just come across many good topics when I work at office, travel by bus, walk on street, talk to colleague, explain something to students, talk to friends, discuss with mom, look at big billboards, enjoy rain, etc… for me its like, everything is inspiring. I get the inspiration from all the objects which pleases me or which I love. Well that’s the best part in me.

Anyways, my topic for Saturday morning is Rain. Its been a long time, I haven’t been to JUHU CHOPATI to enjoy the drops of rain. Few years back when I was doing my graduation, I used to go to juhu chopati with friends to enjoy the beautiful weather. I like weather with sun hidden in clouds and whole gray sky with no lights but still, every particle of nature glows and shines with the gray sky. I also inquired that, many people do not like such kind of weather, the reason is it gives more drowsiness and you become lazier. But for me this case is altogether different. For me this climate is really beautiful. I enjoy every moment with nature. I enjoy the wind glazing through my body. I feel the joy in the wind with new thoughts. I feel energetic.

Currently its raining outside my house. Before writing this, I already enjoyed the rain when I went to street s to get milk and morning breakfast. I was with my king size umbrella and with my shorts, and floaters. It was awesome. Rain was so much heavy, that even with my king size umbrella, could not save me to get wet. Well, it was fun.

During this rainy season, I want to go to bandstand or Nariman Point location to enjoy the heavy rain with strong winds. I have seen the videos and photos of people enjoying such moments. So I am just planning to go to enjoy such exotic weather.

For me rainy season is more about introspecting season. In this season, people like to stay at home, and they resist their self to do any work. People like to be ideal without any work. But in this season, we get lots of time to think about you. Its more about following questions

What you want to be? Do? Know?

How you want to be? Do? Know?

If u can think on such topics about you, then I can say you are enjoying the rainy season, even if u don’t like it. I believe it give more deeper understanding when u try to streamline your own brain and mind. Its more about your own or personal victory. It more about you. I always like personal victory than public victory. Personal victory is the basic foundation of the life. A men cannot reach beyond in his public life if his values, ethics, morals are not deep. Its like we see a fat man but he doesn’t have the strength to life 10KG weight. Externally it may look good, but when it comes to some worst scenario, it will reflect you’re your real image, of what you are.

So it more about you and you and you.

Win your own life and then win the battle of ROME.

Anyway it is really a great exercise for AWA section of GMAT.




  1. Hey..
    I think you love rain and storm and unforeseeable weather..
    I am sitting gladly at the sea when the rain is comming over me. It is quiet and still. I love this. And i love your text.
    We see us.. Julia1807

  2. it was really interesting *-*. I also love when it rains :DD
    Congrats on your articles :))

  3. after reading ur dis post
    i jst luv rain

  4. thanks a lot for your comments...

    i hope u enjoyed reading my blog.