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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Letter to My Students : Reloaded


Just now I came across one awesome phrase, when I read it, I remembered my blog “letter to Students”.

Please read the one line of Abraham Lincoln

Well, those who has read my previous blog of “letter to my students”, they will be able to understand Mr. Lincoln’s line easily. Just to summarize, it talks about sharpening the sword when u have time in your hand.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

letter to my students


It’s been a long time for our mail communication. Well, I hope that, you all have performed well in your exam. Your oral exams were bit tough, but I am sure that, u all have tackled it in nice way. I am really happy to see u all ignited with the flames for gaining more knowledge and implementing it in your practical life.

After studying hard for exam in group, now time has come to sharpen your sword. Well, here I am not saying you to get ready to fight in ROME, LOL… J. What I mean is, it’s a time where you all have good chance to improve your skills. During my teaching assignment with you all, i observed many students with awesome technical knowledge, but they lack somewhere. people speak a lot but they are dull technically, only few were balanced in both the line. But anyways, we are human, we tend to do mistakes. But only rational men learn from their mistakes. So be unique and gain what you don’t have in you. If u think, I am poor in communication then just star addressing that issue on the spot. If you think I don’t know technology then start your search engine to grasp it. Make the schedule and work on it. Keep the habit of First Thing First. So my dear Team, better u all expand your dimension of time and spare few hours to sharpen your sword (I mean your skills.)

I know its very difficult to do, when you are busy with your dual degree, office work, home work and other social work. But it is bitter truth that all great persons on this planet had only 24 hours a day. They all were like us, but still they did something which made them famous and popular. Though it is tough but get some time for your Personal Development or else u will regret later on.

I hope, my teaching assignment with you all, was a fabulous journey. I also hope that my rational thoughts and my robust techno-functional knowledge helped u a lot to gain more interest in your academics. Well, personally I enjoyed the journey of VB and SQL with u all. It was good experience with u all.

Hope, u do perform well in future with your academics, personal development and society.

All the best NERDS

Shyam Gohil.