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Saturday, June 20, 2009

letter to my students


It’s been a long time for our mail communication. Well, I hope that, you all have performed well in your exam. Your oral exams were bit tough, but I am sure that, u all have tackled it in nice way. I am really happy to see u all ignited with the flames for gaining more knowledge and implementing it in your practical life.

After studying hard for exam in group, now time has come to sharpen your sword. Well, here I am not saying you to get ready to fight in ROME, LOL… J. What I mean is, it’s a time where you all have good chance to improve your skills. During my teaching assignment with you all, i observed many students with awesome technical knowledge, but they lack somewhere. people speak a lot but they are dull technically, only few were balanced in both the line. But anyways, we are human, we tend to do mistakes. But only rational men learn from their mistakes. So be unique and gain what you don’t have in you. If u think, I am poor in communication then just star addressing that issue on the spot. If you think I don’t know technology then start your search engine to grasp it. Make the schedule and work on it. Keep the habit of First Thing First. So my dear Team, better u all expand your dimension of time and spare few hours to sharpen your sword (I mean your skills.)

I know its very difficult to do, when you are busy with your dual degree, office work, home work and other social work. But it is bitter truth that all great persons on this planet had only 24 hours a day. They all were like us, but still they did something which made them famous and popular. Though it is tough but get some time for your Personal Development or else u will regret later on.

I hope, my teaching assignment with you all, was a fabulous journey. I also hope that my rational thoughts and my robust techno-functional knowledge helped u a lot to gain more interest in your academics. Well, personally I enjoyed the journey of VB and SQL with u all. It was good experience with u all.

Hope, u do perform well in future with your academics, personal development and society.

All the best NERDS

Shyam Gohil.


  1. thank you sir,
    I m really happy knowing that although having a very busy schedule you thought for us. Ya and i must say it was a great time we all have while learning assignment from you in last semester. I would definitely try to shape my sword (skills). and will be in touch with this blog

  2. Jimmy, i am sure that u will get what u want!!!!!

  3. It is great sir, hope oter also read this.

  4. it was really valuabl at the same time encouraging! the best part of ur blog is in every blog u hv somthing unique to share. we r lucky to hv good teacher like u....

  5. Thank you so much..Sir,
    I m really happy that you are thinking all of us..Its great sir. U have written awesome.. I liked it very much.n I ill surly try to learn so many things from you. We are so lucky to have good teacher like you...

  6. i m really happy that, u all liked my thoughts....

    guys, there is so much to learn....

    this is just a small step of ur life.
    hope u will bring consistency in ur life!!!!

    Cheers NERDS....

  7. thank u so much 4 boosting our morale n i promise u that i surely follow it u did a grt job n v r lucky to hav a grt teacher like u atleast in this buzy schedule u thougt 4 us thank u so much n by this thought u see a grt change in future......

  8. thank u so much n i promise that i follow thissurely u did a really grt job i m happy that v hav a grt teacher like u n by this u see a grt change in future thank u so much ..........

  9. thank you sir,that you thought this much for us and given us your valueable guidence.i will try to study as you said.thanks once again

  10. This letter is so positive and touching, that I wish, I could have been one of your students!
    It gave me goosebumps.
    You're such an impressive person.
    The way, you care about your students is simply beautiful, I'm sure they ejoyed learning from you and are inspired by your words!

    greetings from Germany,

  11. Its a really nic blog....
    wish I could b one of those students !!!
    very optimistic way to look at life...preety inspiring....
    nd grt msg for all... :-)

  12. Hi LaCattiva,

    i am glad that u liked my blog for my students...
    just to tell u, i spare my quality of time to teach them and guide them.

    its really great experience... and i just love doing that...

    Thanks a lot.

  13.'s real good!!

  14. This will help your students certainly to develop. Since one should never stop in the life with the learning, because, otherwise, one has not lived properly. All the best to the diligent learners.

  15. Michaela Sandide,

    Thanks a lot for posting comments on my blog.

    I am glad that you liked my blog for my students...

    Your comments will really help my students to learn better in their life.

    Thanks Again!!!


  16. o hello sir this is ur new student i attented ur last lec. i have to say that it was 2 gud being a new student i didnt found any differens in u with me n other calss mates
    thanks for bing so kind with me n
    I m really want 2 thank u for treatin us like a part of ur life although having a very busy schedule you thought for us thanks sir

    n the mails were 2 gud

    thank u sir

  17. I think its lovely to read! Thanks for the link!

  18. Und auf Deutsch:
    Es ist wunderschön zu lesen, dass es so vielen Menschen hilft. Sie lieben dich!! Ich bin stolz auf dich
    Alles liebe Julia1807

  19. Hi Alles liebe,

    "And in German:
    It is wonderful to read that it helps so many people. They love you! I am proud of you
    Alles liebe Julia1807"

    Your comments in English...

    I am glad that you liked my blog.

    Keep reading.

    Greetings from India.

  20. thank you sir for giving us such a valuble guidance n i vll definitely try to show our skills
    This will give shape to our carrer

  21. It is an awesome blog! All of your students can be proud to have a teacher like you. ;)

  22. hi sir this is nice to atend your lecture. their is nice to learn more about the subject

  23. Thanks a lot!
    it's real good ;)

  24. That was statement made to inspire the students, to ignite the passion for learning. I wish that I could have heard that from my teachers or lectures in the days I wasted a opportunity to study engineering one of my regrets.We need teachers/lecturers at school/university who want to and do inspire their students to make a difference for themselves thus a difference for mankind

  25. Hi Paul,

    I am thankful to you for reading my blog post. I also liked your thoughts about inspiring students to bring the change in society and world.

    Regards from India,
    Shyam Gohil

  26. What a good teacher you are to understand that being a whole person is the real goal of learning. Taking what you have learned technically and being able to use and communicate it is vital to truly having learned. Well done!

    Take care,
    Jessica Rosen