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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stop running behind Mirage

One evening I was just walking on the street and thinking deep about what is going around in this world and meanwhile I saw a guy walking across the street, he looked like my friend, I wasn’t sure because of less light but then he passed under street light and I found that he is my school friend. So I called him and we bumped in to the discussion about what’s going on in each other’s life.

Well, he told me about tragedy of his life, that how he was chasing a girl (a life partner) but that girl wasn’t even respecting his love. My friend is an awesome person, very down to earth and very humble. A gentleman. But he was going through rough phase of his life and one day he just left her and decided to reclaim his life.

We talked for around 20 minutes and then he departed and I continued walking on the street. And below is what I was thinking that night……

Even after trying hard and putting your best efforts, If people don’t find their self comfortable with you then I don’t think there is any meaning to make them feel good. It really doesn’t make sense to please them. Because they really don’t care about your love and affection. I will call this situation as running behind mirage, it never comes in your hand and drives us crazy and makes us feel that we are lacking something. The funny part is the person whom we are chasing is not even interested in us or do not even recognize that how much we like them or love them. And this adds more frustration.

I guess, we should stop running and look behind that,

- How many people are running for you,

- How many people are taking their time out to be with you,

- How many people are just ready to make you feel good,

- How many people are just striving to make your day brighter and bring smile on your faces

These are the real and true people who value your Bond, friendship, relationship and commitment. They always like to be with you. They are the people who are ready to stand by when there is a need.

All I can tell you right here and right now is that.

“Stop Running behind those Mirage and Look back before your loved one calls you Mirage and stops running behind you”

- Embrace them with a tight hug and make them feel that they are special
- Tell them that they have a unique place in your heart

By doing this you are not only breaking the chain of running behind those Mirage people but also you are valuing a true loved one’s (parents, brother, sister, friends and others) of your life.

Just remember following sentence which can really give a food for thoughts.

“Success can be bitter if there is not one to share happiness, and failure can be sweet if there are real friends who can stand by you"

Shyam Gohil