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Friday, December 11, 2009

Picnic to Essel World

(Date 4th December 2009) It was 7:30 in the morning, when I was fighting on bed with my dreams and real world. Back of my mind I was thinking to sleep more and dream a lot. But in reality, I was getting late. I have had to go for some special event. I was very much excited about that. So I just came out of my dream world and stepped in to bitter reality that I am awake. I took bath and got ready within short time. U all might be thinking that what am I talking about? I am talking about my office trip to Essel World. It is an Amusement Park.

Our AMEX team decided to go for outing and the location was Essell world. As usual I started late and reached first meeting point 15 minutes late. I have really some awesome experience to share with u all. Its all bout my perception. Hope you all will like reading.

My journey started when I just moved out of my home. I was bit skeptical inside. I was thinking that, people will only stay in their group. There will not be more interaction within all people due to their own groups. New people might be bit reserved. So I thought that there will not be any fun in picnic… this was my mindset when I just started out from my home. But as and when we met other team members we started sharing good thoughts.. and it was really nice.

Now let me just describe you our CAPN AMEX Mumbai team.. We have very big head count. We are 30 plus in Mumbai. In which we have many different modules running. Recently many people joined our team. The best part is all are very energetic, young and talented people across India. They all are from different places and states. Coming from different places is really a big challenge. Out of which most challenging task is to get settle down in whole new environment. I know it’s very difficult to settle in new place if we are not used to migration. I had the same feeling when i was out for 2 months.

Let me just tell u something… I wouldn’t have come to this thought if I have had not observed this feelings in many new comers. For initial few days, new comers were so shy to talk to anyone. But later they started involving their selves. And it was really a radical change in them. I have always appreciated such change. I think, to get involve with someone, helps to understand the feelings. Its more about finding good qualities in new people. It is also about identifying their true personality. So I just like this and same thing I have observed such things many times in many new comers.

According to me, the picnic was a great event to bring all team members much closer to others. If I look more closely then I consider this event as a Team Building activity. And it is very significant for the overall productivity. I can easily see many benefits from such events, which are given below.

  • It involves everyone in the processes.
  • It brings out strong and effective relationships.
  • It increases level of communications.
  • It also increases comfort zone.
  • It improves team strength and confidence.
  • It brings everyone closer and connected.
So this was really a great moment for me to go from inside-out. I really enjoyed the picnic in many different roles. I enjoyed being a good observer, a learner, a team member and etc. I would like to acknowledge the efforts taken by my PM Kirtida to arrange such a wonderful event. I would also like to thank Anoop and Aakar for their wonderful management due to which we could enjoy everything without any hassle or trouble. Apart from this I also acknowledge all people those who joined to make this event as big successful event.

Feel free to express your feelings via comments.

Shyam Gohil