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Saturday, July 4, 2009

My AMEX roles and responsibilities

Well, its been around 1 month since I joined AMEX Team. Let me be more specific, by today I completed my one month in AMEX Team. I got the AMEX assignment on 4th june. And I was glad to strike that opportunity. I was happy, becoz after around four months since I left ALLSTATE, I got the project on Cognos. So it was really good opportunity to shine myself.

My interview was taken by my colleague. And then next day I had interview with my onsite team. They asked many questions to me and somehow I answered them well. So I have had a feeling that "I AM IN". So after few days back I got the conformation on 4th june and I joined AMEX.

Since my joining in new assignment, it was really a roller coaster experience. I had seen my mindset fluctuating like sign wave on oscilloscope. I could not think anything at those moment. I was just try to keep my pace to cope up with my colleague. She helped me a lot to understand the system of FNRT. It was her support wich made me stable on my track. Then after few days, I managed to handle stuffs by my own, with some good leadership and decision making skills. I also tried to streamlined the processes. I thought being an Cognos guy my main intension have to be to make everything proper from Cognos part. So as I started to emphasizing more on that.

During the sessions, I use to observe much weird and pathetic stuff. Ok forget about that, I am not going to tell those things in this blog but yes, I will surely write new blog for that. Let me just tell u my roles and responsibilities at AMEX.

1) My first job is to maintain the integrity with Mainframe Guys

2) My second task involves giving architectural solutions to team for implementing any projects with respect to cognos.

3) My third task include streamlining the Cognos and mainframe workflow.

4) I also have to provide sizing of the projects.

5) I also need to tell them about the implementation time, engagements, some worst case scenarios.

Anyways, at this moment I can only think of these 5 points. But I am sure that my task is more than that. I may need to sit down and start deep thinking on the same. Then I think I will come up with some good and interesting points.

Well, I will surly update on the same very soon. Let me update u guys on my current milestones. I am working on STAT CEO process. Hopefully it will start on next week. Till that time good bye on AMEX.




  1. hi shyam sir,
    i m very happy that you are getting such a good oppurnities and also very happy to hear that the responsibilites came with that oppurnities is handeled by u very well..........

    keep it up and best of luck for that.

  2. nice to know abt u n ur remix feelings! but one thing which was more intresting was tht u enjoy rain, thts cool.

  3. dont ask me about rain....

    it gives me complete new feeling....

    and thats the most important thing...

    thanks for the comments...