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Friday, July 31, 2009

Night walk at 10:45 pm.

Night walk at 10:45 pm.

Well guys,
this blog is something different. Here I am trying to say something which helps me to drive ahead. Here I am trying to show the things which I do to make myself on the track. This is more about thought processing.

Let me start. Just to tell u about my schedule, I usually come from office to home between 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Then I just rush for heavy food. Then I spare my time for reading books, helping mom and dad in their work. Or sometime roaming with friends or writing blogs or chatting or orkuting or checking emails. So this is my general schedule. Well, after that I again go for dinner at 10:30 pm.

After that, I just move out for a walk to street near by my home. That street is really good. Few months back only, local cooperator changed its road and now it’s good. Its wide and full of space. But by evening is it really crowded. I don’t even like to pass from that street at that peak time. But sometimes, I have to. So, after dinner, I just start walking on that street. By 10:45 PM on that street, I see fewer crowds. And that pleases me. People are so less, that I can count them with my finger; I actually like that. People come with their small kids and spare some time at local Mewad Ice-cream -wala. Some people spare time with friends on local pan-wala. Few also come to take night walk. And in that environment, I just keep myself moving.

For me, the street environment becomes friendly. There are many reasons behind that. Ok let me tell u that. First: there are really less people on the street and I like that. Second: I find peace on the street during that time. Third: cold wind flows through my body. And that’s wonderful. This is the best part I can say. I think, for this reason only, I go for night walk. Forth: I just try to streamline my mind with respect to my task, work assignment and few other things. I always spend quality of time, analyzing the situation, my problems and almost everything. I try to bring best possible solution out of it. During all these activities I really walk fast. I mean, my speed increases as soon as I go into deep thinking. I spend around 20 minutes of my schedule for a walk.

But guys let me tell something, it just boosts my way of work. It gives me different dimension. It helps me to come up with great ideas. So that’s how, I shape my tasks in better way and I craft them for perfect execution. And it gives me really wonderful feeling. I feel myself as an ORGANIZED CHAP. I mean for me things go and come in really calculated way. It’s the matter of bringing things on time. I just love this feeling. I like being organized. I think being organized for me is really a very big topic of discussion. I will soon write a blog for that.

So, this all about my night walk after dinner. Hope u will like this…



  1. You´ve got some good ideas and I like to read your blog..
    There are some new good impressions...

    Keep it up!

    greetings from Germany


  2. Nice blog!
    Wonderful description of a nightwalk to clean up your mind.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.


  3. it sounds interesting. i like to go out for a walk in the night. the air is fresh and you can think a lot.
    it is great to read your blog! love it!

    xoxo from germany

  4. Hey shyam,

    I really like your Blogs!
    My fav is "night walk at 10:45pm" because it´s full of great ideas!!

    I´m curious about the next blog!

    Best wishes


  5. Hi Becky,

    I am really happy that you liked my Blog. I am also glad that you are curious for my next Blog.

    Well Dear, soon i will be writing about my New Experience...

    Hope you will like that also.

    Keep reading my blog..