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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Morning with a Smile :)

It was 8:45 morning today.
I was getting ready to leave the home for office. And I left my home with High Spirit and smiling face. Well today I had a thought in mind to do something extra ordinary. I don’t know why that feeling came in my mind. But I was really enjoying that feeling. It was just like a GOOD LUCK for me to my work.

Meanwhile I reached my Bus stop. As usual it was really crowded. I could see many people standing and waiting for Bus. And you know, I was one of them. Well after few minutes, all crowd just disappeared because they all caught their respective Buses. I was still waiting for my Bus to Company. But I was in altogether a different feeling. I was enjoying Rain, cool wind and the wonderful climate. I was in my different mood. It was as if, I was going for some Long Tour or Vacations to Europe. I was gleeful. And feeling was such a good that, I couldn’t imagine it. It was fabulous and exciting.

After around 10 Minutes, I got a private Cab for Office. I went in side car and I got to hear some good songs. Well I could say it was a GOOD sign again. I could listen to my Favorite tracks. I was enjoying full. I was literally happy from my Heart. I wasn’t even thinking that I am going to office.

Well after around 20 minutes, I reached my Office campus. (Let me just tell you one good thing. From my home, It takes only 10 to 15 minutes for me to reach office by Car.) I stay very close. But sometimes Traffic plays negative role and creates jam on the road.

So I reached office… and at the same time weather was pleasing me. I couldn’t imagine, the sky was Gray, clouds were shining. It was as if sun was hidden behind the clouds. And cold wind was touching me and inspiring me to move ahead in my life.

Continue in next part…



  1. Well when I am reading this text, i think you are in a wunderful dream.. Alles liebe Julia1807

  2. Hi Alles,

    well, you can say that. I was really in my Dreamworld today Morning...

    I wish, I always wakeup with such a Dreamworld.

    Greetings from India,

  3. Hey Shyam,

    you're such a positive person and I really enjoy reading your blog.
    It just keeps on getting better, with every new entry.
    It's also comforting to read, how good you feel today.
    I could catch up your vibe through your words easily.
    Hopefully the rest of your day is as well as your morning, or even better!

  4. That sounds great! Pure happiness. You are bringing a smile on my face.:)

  5. Hi Nadia,

    I am really happy that my Blog bought smile on your face....

    Regards from India,

  6. hey Shyam

    it´s very inspiring...

    i like your post very much :D

    Kepp it up

    Greetings from Germany


  7. Love your blog, i said that already on Twitter, but you're such an amazing person!C

  8. Hi Clarisse,

    I am Happy to see your comments.
    Hope u will read and enjoy my other blogs too.

    Greetings from India,

  9. Love your blog :D:D!!
    Did I said it before?

  10. i like your way to write this...

    you´ve got a positive way of live

    keep it up

    greetings from germany


  11. Hey!This's Klára:) U have really cool blog and tht article is amazing!Good job!

  12. That was nice.. a very positive read :) and you were right it did bring a smile on my face :)))

  13. We can always use some cheering up!
    Hannah in sunny Israel

  14. Nice. Positive. Bright. Happy - Some words that suit your post. There are some days when you feel happy, from within, without any reason. Even I feel similar some days. The feeling is great but it mostly comes on Fridays. :)

    Keep Posting!


  15. Yaaa!!!Morning with a smile is the best!!! :)

  16. Oh I love that happy heart feeling, where everything and everyone radiates and sings with joy! That's the best feeling in the world.

  17. Hi Shyam,

    your writing is wonderful and I can feel what you felt in morning. Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts.

    I'm writing too about feeling like magic some times. The world around me seems like charmed. Not ever, but sometimes.

    I love guys who feel the magic of a smile. Those can change the world and see it in its true colors.

    Best wishes for you from Germany. xo

    Sabine (werkarniggel)

  18. Hey Sabine,

    I am really delighted and feeling exulting from Inside. I liked what you wrote for me.. you just gave me one more reason to write new blog..

    Thanks a lot for Inspiring me.
    Regards from India,
    Shyam :)

  19. Du batest mich darum, meinen Kommentar auch in Deutsch zu posten. Aber gern doch, deutsch liegt mir naturgemäß nun einmal am meisten:

    Du schreibst wundervoll und einfühlsam, so, dass man nachempfinden kann, was du an jenem Morgen im August empfandest. Danke, dass du es mit uns teilst.

    Ich schreibe auch ein bisschen darüber, dass die Welt an manchen Tage wie verzaubert aussieht. Vielleicht liegt nicht immer ein Zauber auf ihr, aber manchmal schon.

    Ich liebe Menschen, die die Magie eines Lächelns noch spüren - diese Menschen können die Welt verändern und sie in ihren wahren Farben sehen.

    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

  20. Great one Shyam. Neer stop spreading Positive minding around you!
    Kind Regards,

  21. Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks a lot for writing such a wonderful comments for me... you comments inspire me to write and think good.

    Shyam :)