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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Statcounter: Wonderful stats


Hi all, I am back with my technical blog. I can say after writing a lot about my personal experience I got really a cool topic to write. This topic is useful for all groups of people.

- A Business Analyst can make out what is the trend of users on website.
- A Mathematician can make out the regression and correlations formula on the statistics.
- A general user will come to know how to understand graphs and their data.
- A Person like you and me can make out how our blog being read by different sets of users. (Very smart LOL)

In short, I can say this blog has so much valuable info in it. Now it all depends on people to either exploit the info or to use the info in better way.

So here I go. Few months back I started blogging. I was doing good. But I was not knowing how many people were reading or going through my blog. I was also not sure with the hits and page impression of my blog. So for me, it was really a dull feeling. I was skeptical. I also wanted to know, how many hits in a day my blog gets. But I couldn’t find anything. I also tried but that website also couldn’t give any statistics. Then I was just surfing and googling for more help.

At last I got the way. I got website, which gives the web statistic information for any website. Whether it’s a blog or website or anything weblink. So I just created my login for my blog and then they gave me the code to fix on my blog. I opened my and added that code in my blog layout. Guys its very simple. all you need to do is just add new HTML item on your blog layout. Thats it, and you are done !!!! I liked that stuff from

U can see in following Screenshot, which will give some better idea..

1) it gives u the day, week, months and year wise details of how many hits were made on your site. Refer screenshot

(Well you all will be happy to see my stats of my blog.) LOL

2) popular pages: it gives the idea of which pages were more interesting and attracted 100s of people.
3) Came from: it gives u the idea of which website referred more for your website. It means if more followers are logging to ur blog via google then will be in the top list of came from.

4) Country State City ISp: this feature will give u idea of which country is accessing your web blog. This is important, because you can make out that is all world reading your blog? Isn’t this amazing feature.

Basically there are lots of good stuffs which u can make out with this StatCounter.
This is just the summery or I can say just few good things about StatCounter.

for more infor visit:

Note: its free... go get it for your blog.

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  1. Hi Fabrizia,

    Thanks for reading. Hope u will read many other articles.

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  2. i like this post so much :D

    greetings from Germany


  3. good i liked statscounter but the better option i can think is Google Analytics i think it is more more powerful than this............

    Thanks And Regards