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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My unique way of celebrating Friendship Day

As we all know that friendship day is celebrated across the world on first Sunday of the August Month. And we also know the reason of celebrating Friendship Day. So I am not gonna go in deep to above points. But what I am interested in is the way of Celebration of Friendship Day.

In India on 2nd August 2009, what I saw was the craze of Friendship Belt. Start from young kids to old age in their sixties, they had their Friendship belt on their wrist. All I could see was high spirit feeling and joy on everyone’s face. The atmosphere at every college, small party hubs, Malls and almost at everyplace it was so much good and energetic. Let me just describe you one place. I went to one of the Mall in Mumbai and there the Ambience was Vibrant with different colors of Friendship Message Boards, Greetings, Gifts and Wrist Bands. Mall was also humming with Friendship songs. It was like, the Mall was also alive and it was in the mood of celebrating Friendship Day.. Ha Ha Ha LOL… But yes, it was really nice and pleasant. Many young and teen souls were celebrating their day with party, good foods and beverages. Hmmm, you know I liked that part a lot. Anyways, it was all about the people and their ways of celebration in Mumbai. I am sure that, this must be same in other continents of the world like in Europe, US etc..

Let me just tell you how did I celebrate my day. It was Sunday, and I had to take lectures in Management College. So I woke up early in the morning. I was in hurry to reach there on time. Guys I should not tell this to you all but you know, I didn’t even think about the Friendship Day at all. In fact that thought didn’t come in my mind. Because, I was really focused on my way to College. I reached on time, and then I realized of Friendship Day. After the lecture got over, all my students greeted me with Friendship wishes. And I replied in the same way. It was good feeling. It was as if apart from considering me as a Teacher, they also considered me as their Friend. And meanwhile, my cell phone was vibrating quite a lot time with Friendship massages. After the lecture got over, I could see around 20 text messages from my friends. I was delighted and smiling by reading those messages. I was on my way to home and during that time I tried replying everyone. Meanwhile I reached home and had my lunch. So as such the day was plain for me, no big surprises and no big bash.

Then I just thought of writing good qualities of my friends. And I started opening my diary and took pen to write about the good qualities which I had seen in them. I wrote for few of my selected friends. Actually the list was very big. So I thought of writing about selected few. During writing I really had to think a lot about them, I mean as a friend you know many things about them. You can talk about them. But when I started writing, I really had difficulty to bring their good qualities in my Diary. At first, I thought that “I m pissed up. I can’t write about them.” But as I moved ahead, I started taking deep dive in my friend’s life. I could see their life and their various moments. And slowly my mind started collecting some good qualities out of it. So initially the task which was looking tough for me, now it became so much simpler. And I could really get good things out from their life.

As I was going deep, my thoughts started becoming closer with them. It was as if, I was creating a bond with them from my side. This activity really helped me to understand them from bottom of my heart. Or in other words I can say “I could reveal their true good qualities.” Just to give you glimpse of few of my friends just read below. I think you all will like to interact with them.

1) Manish Tiwari: My Colony friend since childhood

a. He is very Professional in his work.

b. Very much work specific.

c. He understands everyone well. He listens to all. And helps them in their problem

2) Siddharth Panjwani: My Colleague in Syntel

a. He is not a tech nerd but his thoughts are so good. Especially his thought of not throwing garbage anywhere except in trash or dustbin

b. He is light hearted. Very good in talks

c. Whatever he wants to do, he will make sure that he is fully committed to his work.

3) Abhishek Mandlik: My Colleague in Syntel

a. He is a man with patience.

b. Very much dedicated to work

c. Best part: performs well under pressure.

4) Hardik Shah: My Colleague in Syntel

a. Good technical skills. A Tech Nerd

b. Very much spontaneous in giving answers helps someone to convince

Well these are my few selected friends and their some good qualities. So this is how I celebrated my Friendship Day. Well, in my blog, you all will not find any Greeting messages or Friendship bands to my friends. It might look like very plain day for you all. But guys I know, how much special that day was for me. I enjoyed it. Well readers, for me all days are friendship day as long as you become loyal to your friend, listen them and understand them.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Friendship Day celebration. I also want you all to share your Friendship Day celebration via comments. And lets make this blog interactive and special for all friends.

Warm Regards,

Shyam Gohil.


  1. Oh... I didn't know about friendship day. To me, personally every day is friendship day :)

  2. That was really good :) I never knew about friendship day sounds cool.

  3. Hi!
    Wow!I really don't know anything about tht friendship day,but it sounds really cool!So I celebrating my friendship day,everyday with my friends:)
    This's really beautiful article!Very good job!
    xxx Klára

  4. Its so messed up, cuz I didnt know about the BFF day..:/ But for my friends Ive anytime a BFF day :D:D

    Love reading your blog :D

  5. Hi Emma, Klara, Geek..

    i am happy that you all liked my Friendship Day post. And the best part is, for you all, everyday is Friendship Day...

    Keep rocking my Friends....

    Regards From India,
    Shyam Gohil.

  6. Wonderful story of warm friendship feelings

    Greetings form Holland,


  7. I, too, did not know about friendship day; however, I am also with the others that we should celebrate it any day that we like. I personally like to send a cheerful card, text, or email to my friends, randomly, but especially, if I know that they have been a bit "down". A lot of people will say that modern technology has made people less "close" than they were years ago; however, there are instances where I have to disagree. As a child, holidays like Easter or Thanksgiving were spent with family, but rarely, did we hear from friends on those days; however, this past year, I have received (and sent) quick but meaningful texts from friends, saying that we are thankful for each other, etc., which makes us all feel great!

  8. thats very good i neva herd bout friend ship day till now lolz

  9. first let me tell u going through your blog was really good adventure evrytime!ur way of celebrating it was truly a real way of celebrating it

  10. We do not celebrate friendship day over here, but I'm afraid if the industry catches on we will soner or later. :-)
    I like that fact that you wrote down the good qualities of your friends.It's important to let your friends know why exactly you appreciate them and show them that you care.

    1. Friendship Day, a day when you do not express and adore what God has gifted you as a family but what you have nurtured yourself as a human being....

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  11. hey shyam

    it´s so interesting to read your thoughts about some things :D

    keep it up



  12. wow nice...

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