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Monday, September 21, 2009

A Busiest Executive

Hi all,

It’s been more than a month; I didn’t post a single blog since my friendship day blog. Well let me just describe you what I was doing during that period. I was busy handling my Cognos projects. I have had to do lots of design and code change activities. After that I was also involved in code testing. So somehow I was very much busy with that task. During that small excursion Cognos project, I came across many good thoughts. I didn’t want to lose any of my beautiful thoughts, so I started writing them in to my diary. All of these thoughts were really not creating any strong impact on my mindset. So I just thought of giving some rest to my mind. And after few days guess what happened? I came across superb thought and that’s why I have a very special reason to write this blog. This Sunday evening, I went to temple and there I came across one wonderful sentence. That sentence really encouraged me a lot. I can say it actually changed my way of thinking. Let me just write that for u all. The statement goes like this.

“If you want to get your work Done,
then give that work to a Busiest Executive.”

When I heard this sentence, it just created electrifying effect in my body. It was as if I got new way to tackle all obstacles in path of my life. It was more like getting the perfect and exact direction to successful journey.

Now let me just elaborate on above sentence.

In order to understand the sentence well, let me compare a busiest executive with non-busy executive. For comparison, I have come up with following points.

  • Goal of the day:
In simple words if I have to describe “Goal of the day”, then ask one question to our self. “Which task I have to complete by today” and the answer will give you the Goal of the day. I have seen this factor in all Great Personalities. They all sit down on their bed before sleeping. They think and they write down all tomorrow’s task in their diary. And that’s how they set up their goal for tomorrow. Same is the case with busy executive. They also note down their tomorrow’s task one day before. And that’s why they get the clarity of their work and they develop a new vision for their tomorrow.

When it comes to a non-busy executive, then they have lots of t
ime, so they develop a mindset that, ‘I have lots of time, so rather than doing it today I will do it tomorrow.’ And we all know that such habit leaves deficiency in path of success.
  • Priority setting:
Once the goals are defined, once the vision is clear and once we know that, what is to be done? Then next point is to set the priority of the tasks. Priority setting plays vital role in everyone’s development. After completing first point (Goal of the Day) let’s say, you come across 13 different tasks for tomorrow. Then your next step is to setup the priority in it. Let’s say, Task of Meeting with client is of more priority than the task of paying credit card bill. Here there is only one universal formula being used and that is ‘First thing First’. So a busy executive does his proper priority setting of his tasks. And a non-busy executive doesn’t even think about the priority, because he thinks that I have lots of time, I can do it anytime, no need to worry. And that’s how he lacks behind.
  • Time management:
This factor is very much important in everyone’s life. Once the goal of tomorrow is fixed and priorities are set, then a busy Executive will do proper time management of his day so that he will try to complete his entire tasks. He will work according to his time. He will start and end his day by TIME. He maintains an alignment of his tasks with time. And that’s why he can manage everything. When it comes to a non-busy executive, due to less work, he has lots of time. And due to which he doesn’t do any time management of his day. All his work and task becomes adhoc and unorganized. He keeps on doing the things randomly or in unorganized way. And most of the time it brings low quality work.
  • Proper Planning:
All great personalities spend lots of their time for proper planning of tasks. In the same way, a busy executive also spends his quality amount of time in proper planning of his tasks. He notes down which of the tasks can be done in parallel, which will result in time and efforts save. Here I am remembering one good phrase. “Winners don’t so different things, but they do the things differently” and that’s why, all busy people work well and with proper planning achieves more.
  • Follow up of tasks:
This is the last step which a busy executive always does after every 2 or 3 hours. After every 2 -3 hours, a busy executive keeps on checking his pendi
ng task. this gives him idea of where is he with time. It also tells him how much work he has completed. In other words I can say ‘it gives the clarity of his work with respect to time.’ So that’s how he maintains his work schedule on time.

So from above points, I can say that busiest executive can complete assigned tasks provided he has all above mentioned factors.

Here I need to clarify two points that to be successful in your life you don’t need to be very busy, but all you need to do is to bring above mentioned good qua
lities in life. Example of busiest executive is taken because, it’s very much idol for this blog. And during my thought process I found this character to be challenging and that’s why I bought this character in my blog.
Second point is that, I am not trying to say that Busy executives are worth respected and rest others are not. Everyone in the organization, in the society and in the family has their role defined and everyone has their own values and status. In short, we all are social animals. So bring such good qualities in you, make your life glorious and live it well.

I hope that this blog will give you new direction to live life. This will also help to know yourself from different dimension to the path of personal development.

Feel free to comment this blog and join my blog.

With Smile :)
Shyam Gohil.


  1. I like this blog, very well written and nice information. Go on ;)

  2. Very interesting, you did a great ARNE said before - go on :-)

  3. Hey Shyam!
    It's Klára :)
    Awh...I ttly luv when you write new post here!It's very good job!!! :)

    GO SHYAM!!!

  4. so true, when we feel there is lot of time we waste it, its hard to keep first thing first ,and that is a nice quote i will definitely add to my personal collection and try to read it daily.. and after one moth you posted such a nice post ...great work .if you post daily i will have privilege to see more such beautiful posts...

  5. Hi Arne, Martina Fischer

    Thanks for reading my post. I am really happy that, you all liked my thoughts.

    I will keep you updated with more inspiring posts.

    Regards from India,

  6. Hi Klara,

    I am delighted after reading your comments. Thanks a lot Klara.

    Regards from India.

  7. HI Kalyan,

    While writing this blog, i didnt expect that, i will be able to write in really impressive way. It just kept on organizing my thoughts and i really wrote wonderful.

    I am thankful to you all, because you all read my posts and feedback me.

    Thanks a lot Kalyan.

  8. It's a really good article. and a nice blog.

  9. Thank you very much for sharing this interesting stuff. Inspiration for a wonderful organized day :)

    greetings from Holland

  10. All great advice, not just for buisness but also for ones personal life.:-)

  11. Really liked your blog, did an awesome job, really written well!

    Look forward to your next blog :)


  12. HEY SHYAM!
    its chelsea i read your blog it's really gr8!! love it!!
    Rock on !!!!!!

  13. Hi Shyam
    This is Nilakshi really u have written very good i ll take printout of this & i ll post it on the noticeboard of my institute so that not only my students but i ll also read it daily.
    Thank u for giving us so much nice post.

  14. Hello

    Interesting Post!!!

    Thanks ;D

  15. Hi Shyam, it was a nice read!

    However 4 me time = every day different.
    I make a planning as well & most times accomplish what I planned 4 but..found it a bit one-dimensional = merely rational approach to planning. I miss the aspects of spontaneity, joy.

    Sometimes paying a bill, although it could wait, = a big relief. It's not always rational. Set ur goals but go w/ flow, be open.

    Also I noticed that my planning depends on my body rhythm, so I have different tempo's and try to match my planning accordingly. I can imagine this might be different for women or men.

    Last comment.. just doing nothing 3 times 5 minutes or even longer, really nothing, is very helpful for your concentration afterwards.
    Sometimes it looks more efficient to work and work but in times like those we live in with such an overload of information it is necessary to take your breaks. When your body does nothing, just resting, your heartbeat and breathing will become calm again and you'll be more fit (and happy) at the end of the day.

    that's it.. thanks for the comment invite.. :) was nice to think about it and funny enough y'day my whole planning didn't work out at all... :S Whole day of surprises :) So will work on y'day today ;)

  16. The your blog! Will continue to check it out as it grows :)

  17. yuor blog gets better and better

  18. Nice 1..........really......very much impressed wid it........

  19. Nice tips ..

    “If you want to get your work Done,
    then give that work to a Busiest Executive.”

    Fantastic guideline .. :) Its always tough to pick right people when you want to delegate your tasks. You always look for a person whose work need not to be reviewed. You simply trust that person over the period ..Executive is busy because he or she does job nicely and so there are lot many people who want them to work for them and so they are busy ... Below is example just came in mind ..
    Tailor who sews shirt/dress for you. You will always prefer to wait for him .. no matter how busy he is and will take couple of days extra to sew shirt for you. Because you don`t want to compromise on quality.

    On the other side, below are my thoughts :
    One can not blindly follow this guideline as busy person may not busy because he has lot of work. He might be taking long time to complete even small work because he is not just efficient. Just keeping my fingers crossed .. :)

    Sometimes I do feel I take more time than others because I don`t know how to complete tasks efficiently ... as you rightly said in your blog .. Successfull people don`t do different things .. they do things differently ...

    Keep It Up!

  20. i've read your post..
    and tha's cool...

  21. Hi Judith,

    I read your comment, and I was really delighted after reading it. I like the way think. Your comments are appreciated.

    Thanks from India,

  22. Hi Amol,

    You really extended my blog post by giving wonderful example of a Tailor. Its perfect example for such posts. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

    Thanks Again.

  23. hi !! sir how r u ?it was nice article & it was inspiring also .

  24. Nice post! The notion of the busiest executive being constantly in action is what separates the doers from the non-doers. No title is safe anymore, and resting on laurels only goes so far. Always be in constant action. Great post.

  25. True, the busier you are, the better a master of time management you have to be in order to get it all done. They also have the belief, indeed that they are capae of achieving everything they need to and then some.No self limiting beliefs can sneak into the persona of someone who gets a lot accomplished. They are also
    master delegators. As you say, they are listmakers, for sure, and likely able to slip small bits of large projects into spare moments of time, with the mind set of " each brick I place is impotant and integral to the structure of the wall." They are likely able to acknowledge the valueof every brick placed, and are apt to be placing bricks, building multiple structures at the same time. They know, very likely too the value of taking a break-- recharging, and attending to other things their soul yearns for- that they take satisfaction in. I
    marvel at their abilities, I take mental notes when I see how capable myhusband is, at not only managing his business well, but his family, his trade organization responsibilities and his commitment to the Boy Scouts of America. I, on the other hand often have trouble keeping the home fires burning, but take time to remember that the help I give my kids withtheir homework, and the walks I take my dog on, and the blog posts I pour my heart into are of value, too. I know that we each have strengths and gifts, and re
    ind myself that one of mine is a comityment to keep on learning and growing, evolving along the way.

    Thank you for this really thought provoking, value giving post. I'm moved to keep open !

  26. Good blog :)=) i like it!!<3 great job!!!!!!!!

  27. very nice blog i m happy to read it thanks for sharing here

  28. I happened upon this blog by asking my computer how a busy executive can accomplish all their work. I expected the typical search engine finds...but instead I found this blog.

    Intelligent, spiritual, heartfelt, warm, logical. My heart is full, and I thank you Shyam Gohil, and all the other posters.

    There is a large condo community in New Jersey that will benefit because I found this blog community!