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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Leadership: One step Beyond

Hi all,

I have a very outstanding reason to write this blog post. From last couple of days, I have been constantly thinking about one simple sentence of Robin S. That one sentence was constantly flowing through my mind and my thoughts. My all actions, activities and tasks were actually aligned with that one simple sentence. And that one simple sentence has actually created new path of perfection for me. I couldn’t resist myself to think about it. And that ignited me to write something about it. You all might be wondering what I am talking about. And why I am so much excited about that one simple sentence.

So my friends, the Simple but Powerful sentence goes like this.

“Lead Without Title.”

Now just get relaxed, take deep breath and close your eyes. And just think about above sentence. Just give one minute to your mind to think about the most powerful sentence. And then read next paragraph.

This simple and most powerful sentence has capability to transform the thinking pattern, attitude, and approach towards the life of humans. It has the potential of providing all new paradigms in anyone’s life. It is capable enough to harness the inner potential of humans to lead them on right path of Personal and Professional Development.

This sentence says that every man on this planet is potentially a Leader. A Leader doesn’t want any title to lead the Team, Group, Society, Nation or World. All He (the leader) wants is, the deepest values and character in his life.

Lead without title is the sentence of Self leaders, those who do not need any title with their name. They are them self so much powerful to influence people. These Title less leaders have their deepest values, character ethics, discipline, dedication, attitude and many different things through which, they attract thousands of people to their path of Personal Development.

Lead without title is the magical sentence for those leaders who doesn’t have any positions. They are not the Project Leaders, not the Team Leaders, not the Society Leaders and not the Political Leaders. They are the simple Humans with the ability to inspire others. They are the simple person with very ordinary living lifestyle but the Extra ordinary values to inspire great living.

We have seen people, defining leadership as providing vision, giving Goal and target. But according to me, true meaning of Leadership is to harness the inner talent of people and inspire them to be a Leader. It’s more about harvesting the qualities and their passion for the work. And nurture them to become great.

Lead without title helps to become every single living human to be a leader without any position.

Lead without title is not about the Title but it’s about how you show up, and how you inspire people.

If you have following basic elements in your life then I can call you an Extraordinary Leader. Here I am not criticizing anyone, but below are the basic fundamental elements which we have forgotten in today’s world. We now a days work on Quick Fix solution to our life. Those are good but the effect is temporary. It can heal from outside but not from inside. So please spare some time to do introspection, speak to your mind, your heart and to your soul and seek the answer of following elements. And then you will have the self realization. The elements are as follow.
  • Character Ethics:
It is the Foundation of Success. It is the basic element of Living Effectively. One can only experience the true success and enduring happiness, if one has Character Ethics in Life. Otherwise all the victories and achievements in Personal, Professional, Social and Spiritual life has no meaning to it. Person without Character ethics, can’t run long. But the one, who has Character in life, has the real POWER of Transforming the life and Inspiring others to better life. Please read following Sentence from Abraham Lincoln

"Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing."

So please work on character and Lead others.

  • Discipline:
This is one more ingredient of leading people. When you are self disciplined and you have control on your senses. It automatically comes out of your actions and work which you do. Great leaders had utmost discipline in their life and that created resolution for young bloods. There are few nice quotes

"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power."
— Lao Tzu
"The first and best victory is to conquer self."
— Plato
Greek Philosopher

If you can master your own self, then it is the ultimate victory you give to yourself.

  • Determination
If you have the determination and passion, then the word Impossible becomes “I AM(M) POSSIBLE”. Your passion towards your dream can inspire people to walk with you. There is a nice quote for determination.

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination."
— Tommy Lasorda

So friends there are so many such qualities one should have in life, to lead the life without title. If you all can think the sentence Lead without Title again, then it will bring the spirit, passion and it will ignite the force to lead someone. If one single person (no matter how old is he/she, no matter of rich or poor is he/she, no matter what society/community does he/she belong) can get inspired from your thoughts then You are a True Leader for them. You are the Path Maker for them. In short you are a Leader without title… because YOU HAVE THE POWER TO INSPIRE SOMEONE.

Let me finish my post here with one very powerful quote.

“Leadership is action, not position.”
- Donald H. McGannon

Please readers, share your leadership qualities via comments. And please also tell me how you have taken the initiatives to Get Inspire and to Inspire someone. Your feedbacks are welcome. And once again Lead the world without title.

Be a Leader!!!
Shyam Gohil


  1.'s amazing like always!I don't have so much time for reading,but it's really cool!GO SHYAM!Luv ya!
    xoxo Klára

  2. This is a wonderful article! Thanks you!

  3. This is an amazing article i must say!
    Looking for more.

  4. Motivating post. This one, like your other posts, reflects optimism in your thoughts. Naaaice! :)

    Keep Posting!


  5. this is AWSOME* dude!!*
    really. LOV it :)
    i like the way u write
    XOXO <3

  6. Hi Debra Ulrich,

    Thanks a lot for commenting...

    Regards from India :)

  7. Hi All,

    Thanks a lot friends for writing such a awesome for my blog post. I will keep posting such good thoughts for u all..

    I hope, u enjoyed reading it a lot...

    Thanks from India :)

  8. Wow..
    that's so cool...
    like ur post so much..

  9. Very inspiring article! "Leadership is action, not position." It is so true! Thank you very much for sharing your motivating thoughts.

    Warm greetings,

  10. A great read and so very true.Thank you Shyam.

  11. This is a great piece and its message is universal and necessary!
    The power to inspire others is the most precious quality and it is the completion to any creative artistic process... In real life it is the way we behave, move, interact, "leaders should not have titles" and real leaders don't, like Mother Teresa, who also said: "Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person."

  12. we should all read and put this into practice in our daily lives, the change in your work personnel lives would be absolutely mindblowing thanks for this insight cheers CatDozer

  13. Wow.I really like your expression. it is so wonderful (;

  14. Amazing yet again Shyam...I try to put into practice what you have said, somedays are harder than others :) Thanks for sharing such powerful & truthful thoughts! hugs xx Georgia

  15. Well I must say you got me actually thinking about leading . I help a lot of people with various things, and it all revolves around mindset, so any thing about thinking I soak up.

    Thank you very much for this great post and I have joined your community.

    Allen Sentance

  16. Thanks a lot Allen,

    I am really happy that you liked my blog post. I am hopping that, people will start living life towards self discipline and character ethics; and they will bring the change in society.

    Regards from India,
    Shyam :)

  17. Shyam, This post really hit home for me! Your words are very wise! Thank you so much for sharing!

  18. Hi All,

    Thanks for reading it... hope you all start new life to lead people. I am very much thankful to your comments and responses. I will soon provide some more good posts.

    Thanks & Regards from India,
    Shyam :)

  19. “Leadership is action, not position.”
    Great quote and great blog! Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

  20. What a great post. The world would be a much better place if even half the people would lead without title. Thank you for giving me much to think about today!

  21. Thats gret thx for this

  22. Nice post, makes me think about leadership! :)

    Is nice to think about it, jotting the thoughts down that came up..!

    I think if you lead your own life to it's full potential, you will be inspiring to others in bigger or smaller ways and you are a leader of your own life. But that doesn't mean you are leading others in an obvious way. As some people live their life in silence And to their full potential.
    I don't believe we should all become leaders, or leading others, it really depends on your 'tasks' in life I believe. I think not everybody is a leader in that way. I think if you have in the back of your mind (or in the front...) to serve the Greater Good, actions that are good for you, thus all humanity, you'll be a leader and a servant at the same time.

    But maybe I'm besides the point of you blog here! Gonna give it some more thought :))


  23. Hi Judith,

    I liked ur thoughts... "to be Leader and a Servant at the same times" It is more important for being a Leader... I think thats key factor for great Leadership.

    Thanks for sharing one more dimension of true Leadership.


  24. Thank you, my pleasure :)
    It is nice to think and talk about those things! Keep up the good work!


  25. Thanks again Judith...

    Thanks a ton...

  26. hi sir, i m meenakshi.I read ur blog "Lead without title". Its very meaningfull, i mean there are lots people who lived without title. for me, my mom is a leader for me becouse she was done many things for me and i m always owefull oh her.
    thank you sir for writing this blog it's very inspiring and it's very helpfull to me in my future.

  27. hi sir,
    this is a very nice post !!

    nd wat i think and understand ur trying to say is to have great values nd character in life, so all this means one should live his/her life with great values and character and set examples for others bcoz unless one himself lives righteously he cannot make others follow him, this is where morals and character ethics come into picture and are most important for being "leader without title"

    So the MAIN thing I understood is to 'START LIVING YOUR LIFE WITH GOOD MORAL VALUES AND CHARACTER' bcoz I have understood that it is the KEY, and the only thing by which others will get influenced(follow you) is your own LIFE.

    and 1 more thing is to work hard in making your LIFE an example for others.

    "Work hard and become a Leader,be lazy and never Succeed."(Proverbs 12:24 - THE BIBLE)

    Swapnil Jadhav

  28. Hi Minakshi,

    Thanks for reading the blog. Your thought is truly amazing. Even I believe that, our Parents are the true leaders. Because they show us the right way of living life.

    I am thankful to you to share wonderful example for Lead without title. Keep reading.

    Shyam :)