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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Data Mining: Google Search Engine


Yesterday after office hours I was free. I did not have any work. And as usual I was visiting different websites. And before that I just opened my gmail account to check my mails. Then I visited many websites and I used google to search my information on the web. After spending lots of time then again I checked my mails of gmail. Then I ran search of google’s products. There I found lots of products of google.

I was just going through the google’s product one by one. Then I came across web history. Then I clicked on that product. After opening it, I was really surprised to see that whatever I had searched on google search engine, I could see all my search items with their date and time. And then I saw daily, weekly, monthly search reports.

It was really amazing. Then it raised one question in my mind that how my search data will help google? But after meeting my professors and some tech gurus I came to know that it helps google to understand the interest of the users, it also helps to identify the web usage pattern of the user.

Let me explain you by giving simple example.
Let’s consider that you use google to search various information. But you search information on American life style 6 times out of 10 times. Hence google has some predefined data mining algorithms which will identify your search interest. Hence they will come to know that you are more interested in American life style. So whenever you search any items on the google, first preference will be given to the items which are somewhere linked to the America. And that way google will provide customized results based on your search interests. So now if I search for the jobs then I will get most of the job results from America, because search engine tries to map my search with my interest. And that’s how I get efficient searching.

"Hats off to GOOGLE !!!!!!" that’s what I can say



  1. sir i hope u remember dat i asked u questions about dm and i am seriously very eager to learn more about dis concept.seee u in next lecture..

  2. Well Pritesh,

    We will discuss both the concepts in the class room. So that others will also come to know about this Awesome Topic and then they can also share some good ideas.