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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Passion for Hard Work

It was Sunday morning.. I woke up early as usual. Took a bath , did my spiritual activities and read few headlines of news paper.

After that, I was just out for small morning walk and I was doing introspection. I was analyzing my self. I was trying to refine my goals. I was trying to fine tune my scripts. (My Scripts of bringing betterment of life).

During that whole morning journey, I came across many important point of my life. I realized that, to be a successful person in my life few things are essential.

  • Have self discipline
  • Have proper understanding of path
  • Have spiritual stability
  • Living balanced life
I can say all of the above points are really important… which can actually bring radical change in your thoughts, It will also bring positive outlook in your approach towards your work. However, these above points are just the plans… what is more important is how you follow these resolutions in day to day life. In other words I can say “how you implement your life?”

When it comes to implementation, the only one thing which I remember is the Hard work. I believe Hard work is the only Factor which can make significant difference in once life. Hard work has tremendous capability to change anyone’s life.

In today’s world everyone has the Rational Thinking, everyone has knowledge of proper planning and time management. Everyone also talks about the organized planning. But when it comes to actual field work many people have fallen. Many people have seen the integrity gap in between planning and their Actual Action. Due to this, my inner self forces me to think about utmost important factor of being successful.

That greatest important factor is the Hard work. Let me gives you an example, What if an athlete gets a wonderful coach, who is world famous for his advance digital techniques in the sports. Coach will give him all the planning and will teach every single details, but what if an Athlete doesn’t bring proper integrity. What If he doesn’t commit to his hard work then eventually all organized planning and time management and everything will go in vain and useless.

If we try to understand the driving force of Hard Work then we will come across the factor which plays major role. And that factor is nothing but the Passion, excitement, interest, love and zeal towards the work. Your Passion towards your work can bring real difference in your life. If you find your self so much passionate about your work then your Graph of Success rises exponentially.

Let me describe you my personal observation. I have seen many people around me who has passion in Sports, photography, Body Building, Event Management, etc. Many a times a get a chance to share good thoughts with them about their life, profession and goals. When I meet them, I just go excited when they describe their passion towards their work. I feel so much inspired when they describe their love towards their work. When they talk about their success stories, their dedication, passion and love towards whatever work they do, always drives me crazy. After talking to them i find my self in really fresh thoughts. I learn many things from them, and it also helps me to bring more interest and inspiration in my work.

So During my morning walk, I was really feeling powerful. My Body language was becoming more positive and I was feeling more confident.

“Back of my mind I had the feeling of learning new factor of being Successful in my life”

So what I can say is, develop an interest and love in your work. Or I can say develop the passion for your work and then see how easy it becomes to work Hard and Work Effectively. I would like share one inspiring quote with you all. ust think about it, it will surely help you to develop love and passion in your work. A quote is given below

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” Hebbel Quote

Now I m feeling that, my morning walk helped me to understand my self in better way.

I would request you all to share your feeling via comments. I would be happy if you all can tell about the factor which drives you to the path of being successful. Your comments, thoughts and talks will be appreciated..

Thanks and Regards,
Shyam Gohil


  1. An interesting and thought-provoking post, Dear Shyam. However, it seems to me that while 'hard work' has its place in the ordinary conduct of one's life, it is not the way to balance, completion and satisfaction. Within the context of possibilities that inspire You and pull You forward, life is effortless and enlivening. Many have worked hard for a lifetime on projects that ultimately left them exhausted, frustrated and disappointed. Create a possibility for Yourself, create it as Your context for life, in which committed actions occur naturally and without a sense of effort or stress. This is what makes life truly extraordinary.

  2. Hi Samantha,

    I liked your thought especially, following point.
    "Create a possibility for Yourself, create it as Your context for life, in which committed actions occur naturally and without a sense of effort or stress."

    it is really true, if you are very focused then actions appear naturally.

    I am really glad that you helped me to discover one more way to become more effective.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Shyam :-)

  3. Yes you are so right: when you do your work with Passion you can inspirate others!

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  4. Ill go for morning walks daily now! :)

    Nice and influential post.

    Keep writing,


  5. It's a really nice thoughts.

    Thank 4 Ur way to see the life.


    Have a nice day.
    Regards from Chile

  6. Hi Nadia,

    Thanks a lot for your kind words on my blog. I would try delivering inspiring posts.

    Regards from India,
    Shyam :)

  7. HI Shikha,

    Yeah you can start morning walk. I wish I could company you and we can share some inspiring stuffs. Just kidding..

    It is really good to have walk alone. Its the time when you talk with your self. No one will disturb you. So you always introspect and you realize where you are.

    Thanks for reading commenting dear.

    Shyam Gohil

  8. Hi Eva,

    Thanks for reading the blog. I am glad to see your lovely words.

    Thanks and regards from India
    Shyam Gohil

  9. What a great post!
    Think it's your best yet!
    Keep up the great work, and keep spreading ur wonderful messages!

  10. Hi Carla,

    Its really good to see your comments on blog. It's pleasing to read your kind words for my blog. Thanks a lot for taking out time to read it dear.

    Shyam Gohil

  11. Willst du ein Jahr glücklich sein, dann gewinne in der Lotterie.
    Willst du ein Leben lang glücklich sein, dann liebe, was du machst. ( (c) Unbekannt)

    Want to be happy for a year, then win the lottery.
    Want to be a lifetime of happiness, then love what you are doing. ( (c) unknown)

    Dear Shyam.
    Ich möchte Danke sagen - dein Blog und deine Gedanken sind sehr inspirierend - immer wieder aufs Neue.
    Ich hoffe, du kannst jeden Tag deine Arbeit lieben und mit Begeisterung und Leidenschaft erfüllen.
    Manchmal ist es jedoch schwer, die selbe Leidenschaft und Begeisterung für seinen Job aufzubringen, wie beispielsweise bei mir für das Schreiben ...

    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

  12. hey great thinking:)
    good positive vibes:)

  13. Thats really inspirational!! Thanks a lot for posting that :)

  14. HI Sabine,

    Thanks for your comments. I agree to your point that at some time saturation point does arise, and you dont feel like working. but in that condition, if we can understand the importance of the work which we are doing, then we get new energy to go beyond. And we start walking again.

    So I can say, if we can think more closely then we can come over our frustration and we can start again. I know it is difficult but i see this is the only way where in we can get back to our work again.

    Thanks for wonderful discussion.

    Shyam Gohil

  15. I definitely believe in Hard Work. Its so much more fulfilling when you can thank yourself in the end! The gift of life is to be able to work and enjoy the benefits of that work.

  16. HI Nneka,

    Thanks lot for writing wonderful words on blog. You are true that, after working hard you really feel happy and satisfied with the fruits of working hard.

    Shyam :)

  17. Hi Shyam,
    I love your post and share some of your view, but as said by Samatha "hard work" does not always bring you a balanced life, specially when you start building a family... It of course all depends on your definition of hard work (time, committment, effiency...)

  18. Thank goodness for those walks of yours - seems we all get to benefit! ;)


  19. Passion in words
    Passion in songs
    Passion in everything
    That may come along!
    Hard work in today's world, needs to come from the passion in yourself, discipline and understanding will usually always come with it!
    I like how you wrote this post...very inspiring!!!

  20. Hi Steph,

    Thanks for your thoughts..


  21. Order, discipline, rigor, perseverancia, to learn of the errors, to be honest, to be true… excellent blog.

  22. Hard work & Passion are definitely necessary for success. And so are the morning walks that balance all of your efforts. Very nice post Shyam. :)

  23. very good post,discipline,passion and hard work.this is an inspirational post keep them coming

  24. Hello Sir,
    Very thoughtful and inspirational blog.

  25. Hey Shyam, I am visiting your blog for the first time... Actually, I was writing a blog post about what can we do when the passion is lost... I came across yours... Very inspiring!!

  26. Thanks a lot Fantasia for commenting and visiting my blogs. I hope it gave you some good thoughts to write your own blog.

    Thanks and regards,
    Shyam Gohil.