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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Don't make me cry tonight

This poem goes to my friend who is suffering from a very big personal problem. When I heard his talk I just couldn't think anything else. I could really feel the pain in his voice.

This for you my friend. I know how much you want to confess.

God I have been sinner but please forgive my sin tonight
God I have broken someone's heart but please don't break my heart tonight
God I have crushed someone's dreams but please don't crush my dreams tonight
God I have harmed someone but please don't harm me tonight
God I have made someone cry but please don't make me cry tonight
God I have done so many sin but please forgive me tonight
Let the Divine ray fall on me and make me pure soul.

God please don't make me cry tonight.

I pray god god that he gets what he wants.

Shyam Gohil

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