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Sunday, January 20, 2013

I wished tonight

From the long time i was missing something, I was really wondering what was that, was that a feeling of friendship or feeling of love, was it the tight hug, was it the twilight sky, was it  the rainy evening or sunny morning?

Even after knowing so many languages i was still lost in translation, 
Even after walking a lot I found zero distance covered,
Even after clear eyes my vision was blur

but dont know what happened today everything just changed, every block started fitting well, complex puzzles became simple, everything around me was just upside down..was that your effect or was that something else? All I can say is I had the best time.... 
Dont know why am i poet tonight? and really dont know why I wished tonight?
I wished to cherish this memory tonight
I wished to remember this beautiful moment tonight
I wished to pause the time tonight
I wished to hold you tonight
I wished to hug you tight tonight
I wished to see you everywhere tonight
I wished to be the apple of your eye
I wished not to leave you tonight 
I wished not to loose ur hand tonight

for someone special....

Shyam Gohil

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