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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Data mining and social networking websites

Data mining and social networking websites.


Hi all, 

I am back with my Data Mining stuffs. This time I have something special to write about how social networking website can help the organization recruiters to select the candidates. You all might be wondering that

  • How is it possible?
  • Is it really practical?
  • How will it work for Organization Recruiters?


Guys, you all will get the answer after reading this blog.


Ok, let’s start with the example. Suppose you are planning for change in job. You apply for your dream company. And for that u provide the resume and other details. After few days u get the call from the company for telephonic interview schedule; and they schedule the round after one week. But meanwhile company put their agents on social networking websites to dig out every possible information about you. Now you might be thinking that how do they collect the information. So the answer is as follow.

They check following things


  • Your profile
  • Blogs written by you.
  • Your Photos uploaded to your albums
  • Communities joined by you
  • Your posts and replies to the communities


So from above all the way they can dig out the intelligence and make out some important decision to do the recruitment.


Again come back to our example. In your profile, you have written that u have good expertise in C and C++ programming language. You also try to provide fake info that u have done some projects on both the languages just to impress them. Based on your profile, they check your C and C++ community details (You might have joined). And after going through the community they come across one post where in you have asked for the help that


“Hi all,

I am new to C and C++ language.

Can anyone send me the tutorials for the same?”


So from above post in the community, an agent can make out that you are lying. and this way he can put your resume in BLACK LIST. An agent will scrutinize your resume more thoroughly. This one way of doing the PATTERN ANALYSIS on your details. So the result you will get to listen is “OUR COMPUTER SAYS NO YOU!!”



So this is a new dimension of DATA MINING to dig the INTELLIGENCE. 

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