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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Personal time in Pune

Hi guys this blog is very special and dedicated to some people who made my Pune visit very special and added lots of fun and made enjoyable.
Check out my travel information
  • Travelled more than 150km to and fro by Air conditioned Volvo buses
  • 3 nights and 4 days visit in Pune from 17th Oct to 20th Oct
  • Business visit
Before I start writing anything, let me just tell you that it was one of the nice business cum pleasure trip I had. All 4 days, I was just with myself. Nobody to care for, nobody to look for, no more house work, all free time just with me and for me. So much time of relaxation, so much time of introspection. Those 4 days I was pampering myself.. LOL.. yeah it was cool. And guess what I was not with my laptop, facebook, gmail or not even any travelling videos. I was back to my traditional stuff. Just a pen and a paper. That feeling rejuvenated me. Took me to my old school days where I used to carry those stuffs all the time. I should say, I was dating myself. Or it was just “I, me and Myself”.

Day 1 was a long a day. Woke up at 5am. And still I had a fear of losing my bus. Reached at nick of time and started pune journey in Volvo bus from dadar. In 3 and half hour I was outside my company gate. It was Monday morning in I was in my casual outfits. Jeans and party shirt. I was kind of strange guy in old city. But I was like “it doesn’t matter” and with that I moved in to S2 to see my team. I am sure they must have thought “Monday maniac is here”. LOL… ok lets go further. Then I met my team and I was completely delighted. It actually gives really good perception when you meet in person rather than talking over phone from thousand miles away. Meanwhile I got my accommodation and I decided to get n to business attire. I got my room, got fresh and then back to business. I started my training and ended with lots of discussion. Day 1 was good. As I told you it was very long, I checked in my room at around 10PM. But I was still active.

(Morning breakfast in pune guest house. healthy and good food.)

Day 2 was pretty. Weather was cheerful. Sun shined beneath clouds and nature was surrounded by dim light. I got good chance to know everybody. Since I had a good company of my colleague for breakfast, coffee, lunch breaks and lot more. All are unique with their quality and personalities. Lots of talk of here and there. There was not a single session that we didn’t discuss anything. Discussions on movies, actresses, cricket, food, diet plans, America and what not. For me, tea break was the best part. I still miss that. Day ended with the text msg from Kajal announcing pot lunch. I was like “What?” I was curious to know what will be in the menu. And guess what they hid menu from me just for a surprise. It was cool idea. 

(View from my guest house at 8AM)

Day 3 starts with the thought of pot lunch menu. I was still figuring out what will I get in pot lunch without onion garlic. Due to some work, I headed office early and they make me wait a lot for lunch. I waited almost 2 hours but it was worth waiting. Finally I got the menu that Kavita and Kajal bought veggies, roti and pani puri (Indian spicy and everybody’s favorite recipe). They both made with out onion and garlic veggies for me. I was so much delighted with that. Abhijeet (AB) bought fried rice and Kingshuk bought sweets for desserts. The food was awesome. I really appreciate the extra efforts taken by 2 girls and AB’s mother. Getting something readymade from walmart is very simple but to wake up early in the morning and preparing food for everybody and no onion-garlic food for me was a big deal. I know how much stressful and time taking is that. I couldn't stopped myself for thanking them for wonderful pod-lunch.

(a pod lunch pic. From L-to-R. Kingshuk, AB, Dipti, Kavita, Kajal, Adil. U can see Kavita ready for the pose with a smile.)

The experience was amazing. All team members/friends on one table and lots of food to eat. That’s incredible and worth experiencing. I could see the harmony flowing around everybody. A very big thank you Pune team for such an awesome celebration. They made my day.    Day got over and started packing my bags for Mumbai.

(it was 6 in the morning. Had a hot tea and ready to leave Pune office)

It was the most enjoyable business trip I ever had. On 3rd day I felt like staying for few more days. This business trip was full of fun, enjoyment, lots of learning and being friend with others.
I would like to introduce my team…. Ohhh.. I would rather call friends (this connects me a lot) so my pune friends are: Kingshuk, Praveen, Abhijeet, Adil, Kajal, Kavita, Dipti and Ramesh. Thanks you so much guys for making this business trip most memorable.

Kind regards,
Shyam Gohil


  1. So You were back to ur 'traditional stuff',the pen and paper,no laptop,no net. BUT! Still You gave us again a 'traditionally' well-written blog post. :))

    well done as always!

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