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Friday, December 30, 2011

Explore YourSelf

HI Guys, I am back with my new blog. This blog explores all my feeling and my mindset when I am on the road-trip or traveling across the world.

Let me start sharing my experience when I get all set for my roadtrip. When I leave my home, it gives me feeling of freedom. I feel like I am soon gonna get the wings and I am gonna leave this earth forever and will be traveling to a new planet or new universe. That feeling is unique and incomparable. Its the feeling of relief. its a feeling of ultimate peace. I become so excited just because I will be leaving the worries, woes, tension and all problems behind me. And for some time i will enjoy peace, i will feel my heart and i will experience all new world.
My flight from Mumbai to Delhi AI 101. Liked their Services.

Let me describe you what I feel when I am in Flight.

When I board the flight, the very first thing that I do is praying god for giving me an opportunity to fly across the worlds. I overwhelmed god’s help with gratitude. It brings a smile on my face. Once I am done with my prayer, I sit and relax. I close my eyes and i try to listen to my breathing and my heart beats.

Now let me describe you what I feel...

  • I feel like a Bird, I feel that I got a wings and now no one can stop me reaching Sky
  • I feel like a Ocean, I feel that now i dont have any Coasts
  • I feel like an Air, I feel that I don’t have any Boundaries
  • I feel like that Traveler, who has left behind everything in pursuit of happiness
(A Flying bird free from this planet and making his own path. I shot this at HariDwar India.)

It makes me feel that, I am all away from my daily routine, organized schedule, a time table. No blackberry, no more business emails, no more business calls.

It makes me feel that I am all set to reclaim my own life. I am all prepared to embrace nature in me.

It makes me feel that I ready to indulge myself with new world.
And Yes, It’s a great feeling.

Just imagine that the problems of life, woes, tensions, issues, mistakes, and all those things that makes you dull and depressed, is actually taken away from your life for 10 days. And those 10 days are filled with spirituality, relaxation, fun, enjoyment, Love and peace. Can you Imagine, how your life would be. You will be at the peak of your happiness. There will be spark in your eyes. A positive aura will flow around your body and whole ambiance will vibrate with that.,

That’s the feeling I am talking about. I feel the same way whenever I am set for traveling. Be it for 1 day or for a month.
"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, 
But by the moments that take our breath."

So take out some time and indulge yourself to do something that you haven’t experienced. Get inspired today and On this New year take the resolution that you will explore a new world around you.

Let me end this blog by one simple but very powerful line.

“Make most of your life, because you don’t know of next birth”

Note: Please drop your feelings and thoughts via comments. And also share this blog post with your friends.

Kind Regards,
Shyam Gohil :)

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  1. Someone somewhere reads your blog :)

    If you want to leave the problems of life, woes, tensions, issues, mistakes, etc. behind for 10 days, go for a 10-day Vipassana retreat (go ahead and Google it). It will change your life.

    Looks like you're under a lot of stress - which appears to arise from home (since you associate leaving home with leaving all worries, woes, tension and all problems behind).

    Good luck.