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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The stories beyond the clouds

When i stretch myself little up above the 35000 feet, i go to a vantage point which attracts me to the vastness of being void; it just makes me so tiny that I sometimes forget my own existence on this very planet. When I think about the sky which in theory has not limit in it, there are no boundaries in to its expansion or I would rather say, no one even knows how big it is. I tried asking this question to Voyager 1 and voyager 2, with their staggering speed of above 50,000 KM/hour in the space which is like travelling 14km in just one second, this is really a mind boggling figure to me; they could only answer me that “we can see sky up to interstellar space, beyond which we don’t even know whats there? We are machines, made up of microchips and programmed by the most talented humans on the planet, but after glancing at the creation of god way far than earth, we literally felt like we got a life in us. And now even we are curious to go beyond where we could just explore how big this sky is.” When i read their answers, it was a jaw dropping moment for me that, after experiencing the visual beauty of the creator of sky even the dead robots got a life and got curious to see what else is left for them.

And with that thought in my mind, my flight crossed the boundaries of Ireland which was surrounded by North Atlantic Ocean. The 2nd largest ocean which covers almost 20% of earth’s surface and around 29% of water on its surface area. And i started feeling like taking a small power nap. The soul inside me was a curious traveller which was very much eager to see the immensity of this ocean and its view from the window which was above 30,000 feet. The colour of sea was changing significantly; at the coast of Ireland it was cyan, colour of calmness and relaxation. Little away from shore, it had it was becoming blue with waves and then further away it was dark blue. And then it was all dark blue until the sun came on the top. 

I always imagined, how does it feel to fly like a bird and see the world from an aerial view, from the top, actually from the very top point. I was curious to imagine, how does these tall building look? These thoughts were very much my day dreaming when i was 15. Literally in those days, my surrounding was just a discovery channel and couple of science shows on other channels. Those were the supplier for good food for my mind. Those times, there was very limited access to internet was there was no limitation to the imagination which was building in me. I guess those were the good days and going to school was just as exciting as thinking about new stuffs to learn. Meeting friend was like sharing new ideas that we learn it through science programs. I would just say, childhood was always revolved around the science, technology and imagination.

From the cyan colour of ocean at the shore, aerial view of a bird and then to the memories of my childhood and the passion to goto school made me sleep peacefully for around an hour when accidentally my elbow pressed the button to call a flight attendant. A British flight attendant came over B12 to check me whether I needed any assistance and I suddenly woke up, I didn’t have any clue of why she was standing near my seat, but then she clarified that I pressed the button, thats when i realized that it was my elbow and not me, I smiled at her and said sorry, she smiled back after saying no problems. She was just on the way back to flight pantry and thats when I pressed the assistance button, this time with a purpose. 

She came up with a smile and asked me 

“I hope that wasn’t accidental”

 and I was like “off course it wasn’t!” 

“alright, how can i help you?”

“Could I get my meal now?” as there were many people were eating

“sure, let me bring you in few minutes”

She was just on her way back and thats where I called her up again and asked for a tomato juice with a Tabasco sauce. She nodded affirmatively and I was back to my window looking at deep blue ocean. 

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